Thursday, 23 April 2015

That's My Jam #62 - ULTRAS - The Path To Getting Paid

Fronted by ex-Over The Wall frontman Gav Prentice, ULTRAS came onto the scene late last year with This Is Where I Fall.  Since then there's been relative radio silence, which generally in my experience is a good thing as it means the band are taking their time to craft their next set of tracks.

And from listening to new track The Path To Getting Paid  we can hear the results of that crafting.  Marching drums create an inviting intro, with bouncy guitars quickly filling the air, before Prentice's warm and authoritative vocals begin his political tinged tirade.

The track moves away from the electronic fun that was This Is Where I Fall  but is a thrilling listen; challenging and fun in equal measures.  "Cause what's fir ye, won't go by ye" assures Prentice with a typically brogue delivery.  Keep churning out tracks like this and what's for ULTRAS certainly won't pass by.

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