Friday, 24 April 2015

That's My Jam #63 - Poor Things - No Way, José

There are two things about today's post that get me pretty excited.  One: a new track from Poor Things who are consistently one of the finest Glasgow bands at the moment.  Two: A NEW SPLIT 7" WITH FOUR BANDS FROM GERRY LOVES RECORDS!!!

Let's focus on the track first; it's a stonker.  Whether a flat our refusal to Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho's attempts to lure St Johnstone top goal scorer Michael O'Halleran away, or just a cool song name, it's a track with passion and intent.  More upbeat and energetic than last outing Friends  the band don't stray too far from their warm fuzzy guitars and alt-punk ethos.  Singer Craig Angus delivers some sweet harmonies, and an emphatic "woo" at the end.  All in all the track reminds me a little of now-defunct Glasgow band Deathcats, which is a very good thing indeed.

As for the split EP, all we know so far is that it's scheduled for release in June.  I'm delighted to see Poor Things and Gerry Loves Records hook up as in my opinion it's a match made in vinyl heaven.  What you can also be sure of is that judging by this track the quality will be high, and as it's Gerry Loves the final package will be a thing of beauty.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

That's My Jam #62 - ULTRAS - The Path To Getting Paid

Fronted by ex-Over The Wall frontman Gav Prentice, ULTRAS came onto the scene late last year with This Is Where I Fall.  Since then there's been relative radio silence, which generally in my experience is a good thing as it means the band are taking their time to craft their next set of tracks.

And from listening to new track The Path To Getting Paid  we can hear the results of that crafting.  Marching drums create an inviting intro, with bouncy guitars quickly filling the air, before Prentice's warm and authoritative vocals begin his political tinged tirade.

The track moves away from the electronic fun that was This Is Where I Fall  but is a thrilling listen; challenging and fun in equal measures.  "Cause what's fir ye, won't go by ye" assures Prentice with a typically brogue delivery.  Keep churning out tracks like this and what's for ULTRAS certainly won't pass by.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

That's My Jam #61 - The Van T's - Growler

Christ this is good!  Like really really  good. 

Drenched in grunge and slacker-rock vibes Growler  is the latest track from Paisley twins Chloe and Hannah, better known as The Van T's.  Doing exactly what it says on the tin, the kicks off with a deep growling bass line, before reverb heavy guitars chime in.  Youthful fun flows at the heart of the track, as the vocals alude to -  "I liked you more on a drunken night". 

Describing themselves as "all you ever wanted from a '90's dream" it's clear there's heavy influence drawn from that early '90's alt-rock period, but this is far from a throwback sound, with comparisons to The Dum Dum Girls, Wolf Alice and closer to home Honeyblood. 

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

That's My Jam #60 - Lidh - Murmur

With a voice that can pierce through the dull monotony, Eilidh Lawrence; better known to you and me as Lidh; puts it to good use on latest single Murmur.

Murmur  takes heed from the woozy ethereal music of Cocteau Twins, almost dream like at times as guitars and mandolin lap against the listeners ear.  Lawrence's vocals are just as delightful; a clear folk grounding but drifting off into dream-pop regions during the choral sections. 

"You'd have to mumble, or murmur, to fill the air" sings Lawrence.  The vocals may be a murmur, but the track has an instant connection, leaving you humming long after the three and a half minutes are up.  Grab a free download via Lidh's Bandcamp page.

Monday, 20 April 2015

That's My Jam #59 - Adam Stafford - Atheist Money

Returning with his first new material since the immense Imaginary Walls Collapse  album, released two years back via Song, By Toad Records, Adam Stafford's new track Atheist Money  hits all the right spots.

Hiccuping guitars create the jagged texture, beneath smooth landscaped melodies which are utterly sublime, which intelligent and gentle vocals complete the package.  Never one to shirk expanding beyond the norm, Stafford doesn't overload the track with loops or samples, but continues to defy the limits of what one man can do with music.

This track is a precursor to a new album, penciled in for an October release, called Taser Revalations,  and it will be out on 1st May.  Welcome back Adam Stafford!

Scottish Fiction Podcast - 20th April 2015

It's been a few weeks since the last Scottish Fiction show but we're back this week with a fresh two hour batch of delicious music. Off the heels of Record Store Day there's a fresh out the wrapper Vinyl Play track.  We play all four tracks from our new Almost Scottish Fiction EP, plus there's all the best new music from Scotland including Miaoux Miaoux, FFS, Kill The Waves, Lovers Turn To Monsters, and Adam Stafford. Enjoy!

Urvanovic - Open Ground
The Winter Tradition - All Back Home
Miaoux Miaoux - It's The Quick
FFS - Johnny Delusional
Malmo - The Bridge
Kill The Waves - Better Days
Iglomat - Tic Tac Toe
Twissted - Machines
VINYL PLAY - Honeyblood - No Big Deal
Mt. Doubt - Slump
Adam Stafford - Atheist Money
Admiral Fallow - Holding the Strings
Lovers Turn To Monsters - The Original Tune Guy
The Pooches - Rats & Rats
Finn LeMarinel - Love is Waves
Exit-Omni feat. Dear Lara - Wandering on a Night Without Stars
Neuro Trash - "i dunno, man"
Shona Brown - All I Have
RE-MIXING IT UP - A Band Called Quinn - Drive With Your Eyes Closed (Miaoux Miaoux remix)
Ela Orleans - The Sky and the Ghost
I am David Laing - Est-Ce La Fin
Wozniak - Five Star

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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

We're Only Here For The Banter - The Van T's

Twins Chloe and Hannah make up The Van T's and '90's alternative drenched songs are their tour de force.  The band have started to up the ante in terms of profile, helped by the fact that songs like Fun Garcon  and Growler  are must listen to tracks. 

Hello! How the devil are you?

All is well!

It's the question everyone hates, but could illuminate our readers with a little bit about your music and your influences?

We have a lot of influences.  We love bands like Wolf Alice, First Aid Kit, The Pixies, Courtney Barnett and Girlpool.  We also live punk-tinged girl bands such as Bleached and The Death Valley Girls.

As well as the obvious grunge comparisons that tracks like 'Growler' will span, to my ear there's a much closer to home sound in your music. Are Honeyblood an influence and if so does their success inspire?

Yes!  We have loved Honeyblood right from the beginning.  We are actually huge fan girls. Stina is very talented so I guess it does inspire!

Over the past 6 months to a year, there's an ever growing legion of a DIY and fuzz-rock in Glasgow (bands like Catholic Action, Poor Things, WOMPS, Pinact).  Why do you think that early '90's alternative sound is coming back around?

Because it's just an awesome sound!  At gigs I think it really stands out.  I'm really proud and excited that our band are going for that sort of sound.

What's your song-writing / creative process like?

Our song writing technique can vary!  Hannah and I will always write our music first before we add lyrics, that way it's like a blank canvas!  Occasionally we will sit down and write a song together seriously, but our favourite thing is just to jam!

How has the band evolved and progressed over the last year?

We have got a lot heavier and more focused on recording, also doing shows with good bands who are friends.

What could we expect to see from a live show?

Most likely grungy riffs, harmonies and some swaying.   Also a lot of playing about with pedal boards...  Mostly having fun.

What else have you got planned for 2015?

More recording and a tour.

What are you listening to at the moment?

Everything and anything!!  Xoxoxox

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