Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Modern Classics - Frightened Rabbit - The Midnight Organ Fight

The latest episode of Modern Classics aired last night on Pulse Community Radio and the album I looked at in this episode was from Selkirk's finest Frightened Rabbit. Released in 2008, The Midnight Organ Fight is the most recent album to feature on Modern Classics, but for the way it has kick started the Scottish music scene it deserves all the accolades it gets.

Listen to the full show again here:

Monday, 27 June 2011

What's On? - Monday 27th June - Sunday 3rd July

Time has been in short supply last week, so this week's for 'What's On' guide I'm going to deflect to the ever watchful Aye Tunes this week.

Head over here to check out gigs on this week.

I'll be more prepare next week. Honest...

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Doune The Rabbit Hole - Pictures

You can check out my review of the Friday at Doune The Rabbit Hole here.

Here's some photo's from the festival. Please excuse my dodgy camera work...

Saturday, 25 June 2011

RM Hubbert @ Gig At The Grove

Having only out about Gig At The Grove via Twitter at 11am this morning, I was intrigued to see what kind of set up they would have at Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum.

A four pronged line up included Tom Vevers, The Lotus Project, Any Color Black and RM Hubbert.

The stage was positioned underneath the famous organ, off to the right. I arrived just in time to check out RM Hubbert and his unique brand of fingerpicking guitar music. And I'm bloody glad I did. The setting of Kelvingrove gave the acoustic performance an extra oomph, with each delicate pick echoing through the halls and back into the eager crowd's ears. You get the feeling that RM Hubbert felt at home, amidst the grand halls, the painting and sculptures. And that he was itching to get a shot of that organ.

You can also stream RM Hubbert's debut album 'First & Last' for free below. It's well worth a listen, and once you have listened, it's well worth buying the album here.

Scottish Fiction Playlist - Monday 20th June

If you missed Monday night's Scottish Fiction show on Pulse Community Radio 98.4 FM, never fear! You can see the playlist below, check out individual links for single tracks, and re-listen to the full thing again. Feeling spoiled? You should do!

(P.S. Yes I did copy and paste the same intro from last week's playlist post. I'm lazy and I need to make the dinner soon.)

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - Strange Form Of Life
Fiona Liddell - Shame
Sons And Daughters - Breaking Fun
Bill Wells & Aiden Moffat - Let's Stop Here (I can't find a link for that song, so instead here is 'The Copper Top')
Malcolm Middleton - We're All Going To Die
White Heath - Election Day
Dangerdoom - Mincemeat
Randolph's Leap - Counting Sheep
Ladysmith Black Mambazo - Inkanyezi Nezazi (The Star And The Wiseman)
Bruce Springsteen - Dancing In The Dark
French Wives - Deaf
Kraftwerk - Trans Europe Express

The rest of the show was our European Road Trip theme which can be found here.

Want to hear the full shabang? Click play and your wish will be met.

...And Now For Something Completely Different - 20th June

Following on from last week's food theme, I decided to continue the trend for this week's '...And Now For Something Completely Different' on Scottish Fiction on Pulse Community Radio. My choice this week was the world famous Ladysmith Black Mambazo who are a male vocal group from South Africa.

Famous for collaborating with Paul Simon on his 'Graceland' album, the track I chose is better known for advertising Heinz Tomato Ketchup. (See the food link...)

Check out a rousing live performance here:

And why not watch the advert again... (God I feel old.)

Modern Classics - Muse - Absolution

The very first Modern Classics show, featured the third album from Devon boys Muse. Absolution was a triumph of rock and a showcase of Muse's penchant for all things conspirital.

Listen to the show again to hear a track by track run through of the album, listeners opinions, and live tracks from Muse themselves.

Modern Classics - Jeff Buckley - Grace

This is an old episode of Modern Classics, which aired a while back. The album that I focused on in this show was 'Grace' by Jeff Buckley. I talk about influences on Buckley, included his father Tim, Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan and more. I also talk about how Buckley's style has gone onto influence future singer/songwriters.

Listen below to hear the show:

Monday, 20 June 2011

Euro Trip!!!

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So Monday night's theme on Scottish Fiction on Pulse Community Radio was a road trip across Europe. I was looking for your suggestions of songs about European cities to soundtrack our trip across the continent. 

Our mode of transport was a black Hackney cab, which was appropriate as we started in London. Above you can see the route we took, zig-zagging our way to the final destination of Paris. A grand total of 5814 miles, taking 4 days and costing £1,089 in petrol! Wooft!

Here's the tracks you chose:

The Clash - London Calling 
The Beautiful South - Rotterdam (Or Anywhere) 
Peter, Bjorn & John - Amsterdam 
The Beatles - Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) 
Muse - Stockholm Syndrome 
Joy Division - Warsaw 
Damien Rice - Prague 
Ultravox - Vienna 
Duran Duran - Hung(a)ry Like The Wolf 
Yeasayer - Rome 
Editors - Munich 
The Rakes - Strasbourg 
Friendly Fires - Paris 

Local Breakout - 20th June 2011

It's back! After a break last week, the Local Breakout feature is back on Scottish Fiction on Pulse 98.4 FM. And this week my choice is Fiona Liddell, who hails from just outside Glasgow. Fiona, has recently won Best Acoustic Act at the 2011 Music And Creativity Awards (MACA) and has got an album out called New Ground, which you can buy here.

The track that we played, comes from the album, and is called Shame, a little foot stomper of a song.

Check out more of Fiona's music here and check out the videoclip at the bottom:


Sunday, 19 June 2011

What's On? - Monday 20th June - Sunday 26th June

Time is of the essence tonight, so this week's 'What's On' guide may be short and sweet. If you know of any events coming up in the near future that you can't be bothered telling people about and want me to do your dirty work, then get in touch.

Tuesday 21st June

The Liquid Ship - Aerials Up

The Captain's Rest - If You Lived Here You'd Be Home By Now with support from Miss The Occupier and The Fnords. Entry is £3, doors at 8pm.

Wednesday 22nd June

Flat 0/1 - MILK returns featuring Cheesecake and John Knox Sex Club. Tickets are £3/£4, doors from 9pm.

The Captain's Rest - One of the pick of the week, Laki Mera play along with the wonderful Miaoux Miaoux and Kill The Waves. Tickets are £5, doors at 8pm.

Thursday 23rd June

The Captain's Rest - Alt Blues artist Dave Arcari is joined by Shambles Miller and Jim Bryne. Tickets are £5 and doors are at 8pm.

Clyde Auditorium - Seen Macca live? Well how about the only other living Beatle, Ringo Starr. Tickets are a heart stopping £61-£66, doors are at 7:30pm.

Friday 24th June

The Captain's Rest - With a second LP due out in September, Glasgow's own Wake The President are supported by Casual Sex and Post. Tickets are £6 and doors at 8pm.

Bloc - As part of Mix_Up_Mayhem, So Many Animal Calls, Kill The Waves (twice in the one gig guide!) and The Dirty Beggars all are playing. From 9pm.

Saturday 25th June

O2 Academy - Ryan Adams is supported by Jesse Malin as his European tour comes to Glasgow. Tickets are sold out, doors at 7pm.

Nice 'N' Sleazy - Fundraising event sees Strike The Colours and Sparrow And The Workshop. Tickets are £6.

Sunday 26th June

Oran Mor - What's better than a BBQ? A BBQ with lots of music! Expect to see Banjo Or Freakout, Vessels, Wet Paint, Gala Drop, Washington Irving, Top Dollar, Ryan Bisland, PAWS and Male Pattern Band.

Brel - The Little Kicks are supported by Alan McKim and Juan Pablo. Doors at 7pm.

The Captain's Rest - Girls Names and Water Wolves. Tickets are £4, doors at 8pm.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Gig Review - Doune The Rabbit Hole - Friday

Bit late getting round to this, I offer no excuses other than I've been busy of late.

Last Friday the 10th June, saw Doune The Rabbit Hole take place in the cosy little town of Doune, just outside Dunblane. Certainly held in the shadow of the more commerical Rockness, Doune The Rabbit Hole was always going to be given less attention. Luckily for the organisers though, their target audience was certainly different to fans that the big names and dance orientated acts of Rockness would draw in.

The festival itself is a relatively new one within the Scottish Festival scene. Returning in 2011 for it's second year, it is a non-profit festival, and focuses greatly things such as recycling waste, locally sourced food, supporting local Scottish bands and family fun. This running theme throughout the festival, given away by the name I guess, is Alice In Wonderland. The stages were all named after characters, Tweedledee, Tweedledum, The Mad Hatter and The Jaberwocky, and the surrounding countryside also feeds into this. Set in the grounds of Doune Castle, you probably couldn't ask for a more picturesqe setting, with plenty of trees, plantlife and a river snaking alongside the campsite, with the sun shining on the Friday it was perfect.

As I mentioned, families were very welcome, and with that in mind, I headed along with my wife and two kids. We viewed this as a trial run for next month when we head to the much bigger Lattitude festival, and certainly there was things available for the kids. Other than the large grounds to explore, we took in clay model making, story telling, and the RSPB tent which had badge making and colouring in. Other activities included an '80's theme tent with computer games and films to watch, latern making, and a cafe stocked with homemade cakes.

The festival itself however, despite a strong line up on the Friday consisting of Polar Bear, Mitchell Museum, Zoey Van Goey and more, was sparesly populated. Speaking with a few people, this was attributed to the fact that the festival normally gets busier on the Friday night heading into Saturday, with more people coming from the weekend. It was I suppose the one sour note.

Music wise, the day progressed nicely. First up I caught the closing shows of Tango In The Attic, who were the first band to grace The Jaberwocky Main Stage. A scattering of people who were arriving took in their blend of indie pop, which was pleasant. Shame I missed the rest of the set.

Next up was Sophie Ramsay who played here new age/folk songs in the Tweedledee Tent. Sounding very much like Joni Mitchell, Ramsay's self admitted purpose was the make everyone miserable, with song Timelessness.

The reasons I caught Ramsay, was waiting for next band on in the Tweedledee Tent, Mitchell Museum. Waiting is the key word, as the band did not take the stage until well past their advertised stage time of 14:30. I sat through a lovely soundcheck, so at least I was assured that the band were well prepared. Finally taking the stage, their first song had a slow trumpet led building intro, which culminated in a frenzied sing-song leaving the band with red faces all round. The band make great use of sound bites interlaced into their songs, and had a very atmospheric sound, almost a punky feel.

There was a hefty gap between Mitchell Museum and the next band I wanted to see, so we plonked ourselves down on the grass and took in all the variety that The Jackerwocky Main Stage had to offer.

First up were The Balladeers, who got people dancing with their blend of jaunty pop. They sound like someone took jazz, pop, rock, pysch and folk, melted them together, and crafted a pub band out of the mixture. Great fun, and their shanty like songs fitted well with the feel of the festival.

Following on from them were Cloud Shoes, which felt like we had stumbled upon an impromptu jamming session. Prog rocked out their nut, it served to further drive home the 'differentness' of Doune The Rabbit Hole.

From prog rock to a balls out barn dance. Rag & Feathers took to the stage with a mission to make people dance. And they accumulated a devout army of dancers, including my children! Ending with a rocked up version of 'Row, Row, Row Your Boat', Rag & Feathers' set was worthy of the sunshine that we were enjoying.

It had been threatening for a few hours, and the drizzle eventually started. Luckily though The Ray Summers had just begun their set in the Tweedledum Yurt. They attracted an army of fans, however I'm sure that would have been the case even if the rain hadn't begun. The pace and intensity of their set never let up.

Next on The Jaberwocky Main Stage, was the reason I had wanted to come up on the Friday. But before they hit the stage, there was time for a burger or two. Having suitably re-fuelled, it was time for Glasgow indie gods, Zoey Van Goey. Their latest album, Propeller Versus Wings was released earlier this year, and it's a joy to listen to. Live, they didn't disappoint. Switching from melodic pop, to pyschedelic synths, to chilled out tweeness. Lead singer Kim Moore's beautiful vocals, lead the three part harmonies, and audience participation during 'Robot Tyrannosaur' helped complete the package.

Much in part to the late running order, and the fact that I had two children nearly sleeping, we called it a day, and headed home. This meant of course I never got to see Conquering Animal Sound, Randolph's Leap or grnr. Still, a fun day was had by all.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Scottish Fiction Playlist - Monday 13th June

If you missed Monday night's Scottish Fiction show on Pulse Community Radio 98.4 FM, never fear! You can see the playlist below, check out individual links for single tracks, and re-listen to the full thing again. Feeling spoiled? You should do!

Mogwai - Mexican Grand Prix
System Of A Down - Toxicity
Loch Awe - Into Words
Bon Iver - Calgary
Smith Westerns - All Die Young
The Spook School - History
Song Of Return - Trajectory
Night Noise Team - Broken Kingdom
King Post Kitsch - Walking On Eggshells
Chapel Club - After The Flood
Chef - Chocolate Salty Balls (P.S. I Love You)
Wild Beasts - Bed Of Nails

Barenaked Ladies - One Week
The All-American Rejects - Swing Swing
The Offspring - Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)
Blink 182 - What's My Age Again
Bowling For Soup - Girl All The Bad Guys Want
OPM - Heaven Is A Halfpipe
They Might Be Giants - Boss Of Me
Alien Ant Farm - Movies
Foo Fighters - Monkey Wrench
Sum 41 - Fat Lip
The Ataris - Boys Of Summer
Less Than Jake - All My Best Friends Are Metalheads
Avril Lavigne - Sk8r Boi
Jimmy Eat World - The Middle
Green Day - Basket Case

Want to hear the whole show again?

Frightened Rabbit at Monorail - Record Store Day 2011

Record Store Day 2011 was held on Saturday 16th April and was a huge success (read about that here.) As a part of the festivities, Frightened Rabbit played a live gig in the intimate Monorail shop. The gig itself was excellent, with the band freely bantering with the 100+ crowd, taking song requests and even an appearance from James of The Twilight Sad. Bit late I know, but here's some photos from the day.

Monday, 13 June 2011

...And Now For Something Completely Different - 13th June

Jamie Oliver eat your heart out! (Well not literally, that's more Heston Blumenthal's territory.) This week we had a cook-a-long '...And Now For Something Completely Different' on Scottish Fiction on Pulse Community Radio.

Here's the recipe:

2 tbsp of cinnamon
2/3 egg whites
Half a stick of butter (melted)
A cup of flour
A cup of unsweetened chocolate
Half a cup of brandy
1/2 bag(s) of sugar
Pinch of vanilla

Yup, if you haven't guessed it yet, it's Delia Smith's 'Delicious Devil's Chocolate Cake'.

West End Festival Sunday - Photos

A bit late, I guess, given that this was a full week ago, but in the world of instantness and twitter updates, I still sometimes just like to take my time about things. So in order to add a bit of colour to the blog, here's some lovely pictures of the festival parade and Woodenbox With A Fistful Of Fivers.

What's On? - Monday 13th June - Sunday 19th June

Another Monday off work, another chance to do the 'What's On' guide. There are some cracking gigs on this week, as usual too many to be able to afford to go to. Through in the West End of Glasgow, the aptly named West End Festival is still in full swing, I've selected my picks for the week, but head to the website for full listings.

Also in full swing is The Leith Festival. No listing from that here, but if your are in Edinburgh or fancy a day trip, check out the website for a guide to what's happening.

And quite excitingly outside Aviemore is The Insider Festival which is running from Friday 17th to Monday 20th June. Check the website for a full list of bands playing, but highlights include; Admiral Fallow, Let's Talk About Trees, Washington Irving and more!

Monday 13th June

The Rio Cafe - Having supported the likes of Crocodiles, Vivian Girls and Wavves, Schnapps play Glasgow. Entry is free, and doors are at 8:30pm. Part of West End Festival.

The Captain's Rest - Glasgow PodcArt present Jacob's Stories, who will have a new album out this year, and support comes from post rockers Midas Fall. Part of West End Festival. 

The Old Hairdressers - Celebrating the release of their new album 'Mirror Mirror' Sons & Daughters are playing a set, with DJ support provided by JD Twitch and Paul Thomson (of Franz Ferdinand). Entry is free, doors at 8pm.

Tuesday 14th June

Classic Grand - With his new album Leisure Seizure out now, you can go and catch Tom Vek playing some electro beats from it. Support comes from the similarly styled Breton. Tickets are £15, doors are at 7:30pm.

Mono - Free gig time again from Mono, this week it is hosting Punch And The Apostles. Be there for 8pm.

Oran Mor - Folk singer/songwriter Alasdair Roberts heads up a bill which also features Robert Tannahill Collective and Beerjacket. Tickets are £10, doors at 7pm. Part of West End Festival.

Wednesday 15th June

The Captain's Rest - tUnE-yArDs a.k.a. Merrill Garbus are supported by Thousands who are signed on the Bella Union label. Tickets are £7 and doors are at 7pm. Part of West End Festival.

Oran Mor - After dabbling with Cat's Eyes Faris returns to Glasgow with The Horrors. Expect their third album this summer, this is undoubtably the showcase gig of the festival. Tickets are £10 and doors are 7pm. Part of West End Festival.

Thursday 16th June

The Wise Monkey - Up and coming Glasgow band The Fiction showcase their brand of alt rock. Entry is free and doors at 9pm. Part of West End Festival.

The Captain's Rest - If post rock, with a healthy dose of uplighting pop tittles you then go see Blue Sky Archives who will be supported by Matt Norris And The Moon, Reverieme and Mr Gavin McGinty. Tickets are £5. Part of West End Festival.

Slouch - Another album launch party, this time it's the turn of Lovers Turn To Monsters. Support from Where We Lay Our Heads and So Many Animal Calls. Entry is free. 

Friday 17th June

The Captain's Rest - Glasgow's own Olympic Swimmers have supported Admiral Fallow in the past. They are joined by Rick Redbeard and Tesla Birds. One to see fo' so'! Tickets are £4 and doors are at 7pm. Part of West End Festival.

Flying Duck - Happy Birthday to Aye Tunes. Want to give Jim a card in person? Then head along and also catch music from Black InternationalThe Big Nowhere and Verse Metrics. Tickets are £3 and doors are at 8pm. You should go because it will be awesome.

Saturday 18th June

Oran Mor - Canadian independent musician Dan Mangan comes to town, with support from Three Blind Wolves. Tickets are £7, doors at 7pm. Part of West End Festival.  

Sunday 19th June

Oran Mor - More famously known as Mull Historical Society, Colin MacIntyre has sinced released albums under his own name. A forthcoming album as well as plenty of hits will ensure perfect pop at this gig. Tickets are £13 and doors are at 7pm. Part of West End Festival.

Ashton Lane - La Fete de la Musique - Running from Noon to 1am, in true French style, Ashton Lane becomes an open musical haven for all types of musicians and artists. All the bars have musicians playing throughout the day and the whole thing is free. Head down to hear Dirty KeysBeerjacket and more! Part of West End Festival.

The Lismore - A truely fantastic lineup on offer at this gig. Andrew Lindsay & The Coat Hooks, Reverieme, Shambles Miller, Loch Awe, Where We Lay Our Heads and So Many Animal Calls are all performing for bloody free! All day event as part of West End Festival running from 2pm.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Super Vinyl Adventure Club

My record buying jaunt has been delayed this week. Things to do, people to see, all that jazz. In truth, I had planned to head down to Mono for Battles record signing and pick up a copy of their new album 'Gloss Drop', but I had to work. Luckily I roped my mate Donald into getting me a copy, which was nice! But, that just wouldn't do. That would be like, shopping online at Tesco and missing out on clashing trolley's with old ladies over the last pork pie. Not that I fight with old ladies when buying records, unless it's over the last Daniel O'Donnell LP, but you get the point.


As I was up that end of town anyway, I popped into LOVEmusic on Dundas Street to browse. I hadn't been in since Record Store Day, and my wallet began to tremble, as it remember the pounding it took that day. LOVEmusic, is formerly Avalanche Records, and it's a great wee record shop.  With a selection of new LP's, second hand LP from '60's onwards, and a section with genre specific titles, it's always worth a browse incase something new has popped in since the last visit. They also have a great selection of CD's, and specifically support local artists and stock their new releases. However, twas not a shiny CD I wanted, so I started to flick through the new LP's. It's noticable, that some of them are no longer 'new' as their plastic sleeve each LP is housed in are torn and battle weary. I suppose that's inevitable when so many people do the exact same things as me and flick those the selection. Having choose my LP for the day, I had a gander at the 7"'s to see if there was anything worth picking up there. Again, a good selection of local artist were represented, and LOVEmusic kindly display on the wall adjacent to the till a selection of the most recent releases.

Other aspects of the store worth mentioning is the availability of free music magazines, The Fly, The Skinny and Loud And Quiet. I know I certainly owe a great deal to free music magazines for keeping me relatively in touch with new music, so a record store that recognises that is great to see. And the store always has good music playing, which I suppose is almost a given for independent record stores, but it's still refreshing. I didn't actually recognise what was playing and I forgot to ask, but never mind!


After careful deliberation, I chose Wild Beasts album third album Smother. First things first; the artwork. The album cover is a striking diamond against a white background. The diamond is made up of red, green and purple feathers. Inside the sleeve is a lyrics booklet, certainly a rarity these days, a set of 5 postcards, which reproduce the album artwork in a series of different colours, my favourite being the green one. Also included is a larger replica of the two of the postcard designs and the record itself. But perhaps most importantly, and this is a point I've laboured before, free mp3 download codes. Wild Beasts are Hayden Thorpe, Ben Little, Tom Fleming and Chris Talbot. The music itself is striking. Thorpes vocals echo those of Jeff Buckley, falsetto, soaring in places, and aching and hauntingly beautiful. Guitars soar and swoosh throughout, but the album is also home to synth driven tracks such as 'Plaything' and 'Bed Of Nails'. The album drifts easily between the dreamy surrealism of 'Albatross' and 'Loop The Loop' and toe tapping beats of 'Reach A Bit Further'. Wild Beasts were nominated for the Mercury Music Prize back in 2009, and I wouldn't be surprised to see Smother make this years list.

Saturday & Sunday at Doune The Rabbit Hole - What's On

Again, apologies for missing yesterday, but rather than sit in the house and do a 'What's On' guide, I went up to Doune and saw it myself. Read about Friday's highlights here. For a full guide of everything Doune The Rabbit Hole, head over to the officially official website. Otherwise, here's my picks for Saturday and Sunday.


Go have some fun and watch Glasgow's own, Fur Hood. They have keyboards, and make fun music and will be playing at about 13:30 in the Tweedledum Tent. At 15:00ish on The Jabberwocky Main Stage, Remember Remember are playing some electronica beats. Pretty sure I saw them supporting Hot Chip a while back, and from what I remember, it was darned good. After that, go get some grub/beer and then at 17:30 go check out folk singer Ally Kerr playing in the Tweedledee Yurt. Representing quite a coup for the organisers, legends that are BMX Bandits are playing at 21:00 ish on The Jackerwocky Main Stage. Check them out for '60's inspired guitar driven pop, and over twenty years of back catalouge to chose from. Another highlight, and another legendary band, The Vaselines follow on afterwards, ensuring that your Saturday night at Doune should be a great one.


How about starting your day with a nice quiet reading courtesy of James Yorkston, who will be reading his new book The Touring Diaries Of A Scottish Gent in the Tweedledum Tent at 13:00. Later on in the afternoon, check out alt/pysch band The Junipers who have some pretty good tunes. They sound a wee bit like MGMT for reference, and are playing the Tweedledee Yurt at 15:00. Liked James Yorkston's story? Well go see him strum his guitar with some folk/blues in the Tweedledee Yurt at 18:00. After that, check out RM Hubbert who will be playing songs from his debut solo album, First & Last, at The Mad Hatter's Saloon at 19:15. Great chance to see a wonderful artist, performing in a laid back and small arena. End your night and your festival by seeing one of the best Beatles tribute bands about. Them Beatles bring the hits of the fab four to life at 23:00 on The Jabberwocky Main Stage.

Saturday & Sunday at Rockness - What's On

Firstly, let me offer my apologies for missing yesterday. I was pre-occupied stoating about Doune The Rabbit Hole. You can read a wee review of that here, and check out what's on here.

So if you were there yesterday, you could have seen Kasabian playing songs from their forthcoming album, Two Door Cinema Club, and much much more. For the full line up, plus other information, head over to the Rockness official website. Otherwise, here's my pick of what's on, over the next two days.


On the main stage today, Norn' Ireland lads The Japanese Popstars kick things off with their brand of dance/electronic foot stomping tunes at round about 14:15. Other than them, my only other tip would be the completely unmissable Chemical Brothers who always know how to start, and end a massive party rave. With tunes like Hey Boy, Hey Girl, The Golden Path and Push The Button, this is one headline act you shouldn't miss.

The majority of my selections are playing the Goldenvoice stage. Indie rockers Dog Is Dead have featured in Skins before. Catch them for the brilliant Glockenspiel Song. A bit later on, head along to see Chapel Club from London, who will be playing tracks from the excellent debut album Palace. Stick around for Edinburgh band Broken Records who will chill things out a bit with their atmospheric indie/folk stylings. Compared to the Arcade Fire, they are worth a listen. Next up are the wonderful Sons And Daughters who will be debuting tracks from their new album Mirror Mirror which is released on Monday.

The next two bands on this stage are my absolute must see bands of the day. First up is Bombay Bicycle Club who will be guaranteed to have you whistling, singing, dancing and generally enjoying yourself. Highlight is bound to be the excellent Always Like This, which if this doesn't leave a smile on your face, then you should just go home and give me your ticket! Following on from them is Selkirk's finest, Frightened Rabbit. Words cannot describe how much I love this band, go and see them and you will too. Edgy, infectious indie rock, with typically honest Glaswegian lyrics, you'd be a cunt to miss them. Standout track is The Modern Leper. And lastly on the Goldenvoice stage is indie kings, The Cribs. If your more a rocker than a raver, then stay and see the Jarman brothers churn out the hits.

Or if dub-step/electronica is more your style then head to the Rock N Roll Circus stage for headliner Jamie Woon. Highlight will no doubt be Lady Luck.


Hungover? Well you've got a wee bit of a lie in before you have to make your way along to the main stage for Glasgow's The Twilight Sad. An audible onslaught to your ears, (in a good way), they will wake you up and get you set for the day. Later on, check out American indie rockers We Are Scientists. Their output has waned over the years, but festival highlights, 'It's A Hit', 'Nobody Move, Nobody Get's Hurt' and 'The Great Escape' will be worth seeing. Bringing their new album EUPRHORIA /// HEARTBREAK \\\ to the festival circuit, Glasvegas are on before Paulo Nutini. Make sure you leave afterwards, or your ears might not forgive you.

On the Goldenvoice stage today, my pick is Simian Mobile Disco playing their best tracks and DJ set live.
Elsewhere, Glasgow's own Sparrow And The Workshop are playing on the Rock N Roll Circus stage. Check them out for some harmonic indie rock mashed with FX pedals in the style of Talking Heads.

Pick for the day, other than The Twilight Sad, is Jamie xx of The xx fame. Bringing his minimalistic re-mixes to Dorres, and playing a live set on the Sub Club Sound System stage, this will be a perfect chilled out end to the day and the festival.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Scottish Fiction Playlist - Monday 6th June

A wee bit late this week, apologies for that! Here's Monday night's playlist from Scottish Fiction on Pulse Community Radio 98.4 FM. The theme for the last hour of the show was duets / collaborations.

Want to hear the show again? Simples!

CSS - Off The Hook
How Garbo Died - Newton's Third
Gogol Bordello - My Companjera
Radiohead - The Butcher
FOUND - You're No Vincent Gallo
Beerjacket - Barricade
Tom Vek - C-C (You Set The Fire In Me)
The Skunnered - Wreckin' Ball
Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi - The Rose With The Broken Neck
The Japanese War Effort - Summer Sun Skateboard
Fatherson - Gone Fission
Badly Drawn Boy - You Were Right

Marvin Gaye & Kim Weston - It Takes Two
Aerosmith & Run-D.M.C. - Walk This Way
Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan - Come Undone
Space & Cerys Matthews - The Ballad Of Tom Jones
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds featuring Kylie Minouge - Where The Wild Roses Grow
Jeff Buckley & Elizabeth Fraser - All Flowers In Time Bend Towards The Sun
Simon & Garfunkel - The Sound Of Silence
Sonny & Cher - I've Got You Babe
Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong - Summertime
Grizzly Bear & Fiest - Service Bell
Conor Oberst & Gillian Welch - Lua
LCD Soundsystem & Arcade Fire - North American Scum

Monday, 6 June 2011

...And Now For Something Completely Different - 6th June 2011

This week's '...And Now For Something Completely Different' came from Gogol Bordello a fantastic gypsy/punk band hailing from LA. I had a knees up whilst playing them on Pulse Community Radio 98.4 FM, so hopefully it went down well. They put on a fantastic live show as well, so if you ever get the chance to see them, make sure you do!

The song we played was from their album Trans-Continental Hustle and is called 'My Companjera'. Watch it below:

Local Breakout - 6th June 2011

This week's Local Breakout artist on Pulse 98.4 FM was Barrhead's very own The Skunnered with a track from their 2010 album Good Morning Glasgow Town which is available from iTunes and Amazon. Described as good honest folk/traditional music with lyrics based in the here and now.

Check them out on Facebook and Twitter as well!

The track we played was 'Wreckin' Ball', but to keep you entertained, here's a wee ditty about Glasgow.

What's On?

My car broke down this morning, which means I have the day off work. That's handy because otherwise I wouldn't have had time to do a 'What's On' post this week.

Festival season is well and truly upon us, with this weekend alone hosting Doune The Rabbit Hole and Rockness. Head over to both those websites for more information, and I'll try and do a preview on both sometime mid-week.

Also happening this week is Go North in Inverness, which sees performances from a whole host of Scottish talent, including Bwani Junction, PAWS, Mitchell Museum and more. As this event is hosted in Inverness, I'm not going to list everything that's happening, so if you are going or are interested, please see the Go North website (above) for more details.

And through in old Reekie, the Leith Festival starts on Friday, running until 19th June. Again, as this is outwith Glasgow and West of Scotland, please direct yourself directly to the Leith Festival website for more information.

The West End Festival continues this week as well, with some tasty gigs spread across the West End of Glasgow as well.

So without further ado, here's What's On this week:

Monday 6th June

The Captain's Rest - Straddling genres like they were thorough bred horses, Matthew Dear is the brains behind False and Jabberjaw. Tickets are £9, doors are at 7pm

Mono - Tight for cash? Never fear, head to Mono for Sad City, which is absolutely blinking free! Doors at 8pm

Pivo Pivo - Having recently played Peenko's Mad Hatter's Tea Party, Daniel G. Harmann plays Pivo Pivo with Adam Stafford and Esperi. Entry is free, doors at 8pm.

Tuesday 7th June

The Arches - Words cannot describe how much I want to go to this gig. Battles are supported by Thank You. Also if you are free during the day, head down to Monorail, where the band will be signing copies of their new album Gloss Drop. Get me a copy if you're there. Tickets for the gig are £15.50, doors are at 8pm.

Buff Club - Hot of their set at yesterday's West End Festival Sunday, A Band Called Quinn play in Buff to launch their new single Wolf Cries Boy. Entry is free, doors at 8pm(?)

Brel - Head to Ashton Lane for some folky/poppy/rocky sounds from Stu Goodall Band. Entry is free, doors at 7:30pm.

The Ship - Barrhead's own The Love Spells play as part of the West End Festival alongside Kate Dunn And The Redundants, Shambles Miller, Sweethearts Of The Radio. Entry is free, doors at 9pm.

Wednesday 8th June

Bloc - Cities And Skylines play along with Wrote The Author, Colin Hunter and Orchestrarara in support of Mary's Meals. Entry is free, doors at 9pm

Flat 0/1 - Milk plays host to Edinburgh band Bwani Junction, and Other People. That's the band Other People, although I'm sure there will be other people there too. Tickets are £3/£4 and doors are at 9pm.

Nice 'N' Sleazy - London band Cats Cats Cats support Thomas Tantrum. Tickets £tbc, doors at 7pm.

O2 Academy - US rockers Korn come to Glasgow. If nu-metal is your vibe then head along. Support from Yashin and Stillwell. Tickets are £27, doors at 7pm.

Thursday 9th June

The Arches - Prepare for the electric sounds of Ladytron, who are supported by Scotland's own Let's Talk About Trees a side project of John Knox Sex Club and Washington Irving. Tickets are £17.50, doors are at 7:30pm.

SECC - Someone must have shouted "hair rock, assemble!" Ron Burgendy style for this one. JourneyForeigner and Styx unite. Tickets are £40, doors are 7pm.

Friday 10th June

The Captain's Rest - Communion label presents To Kill A King supported by Glasgow's own Sunshine Social, Crow Road and Yonderboy . Tickets are £5 and doors are at 7pm.

The Arches - Mono are a shoegazing Japanese Band. You can watch them watch their shoes. Tickets £12.50 doors at 7:30pm.

SECC - Rocket man himself Elton John brings his show to the SECC. Tickets range from £32-65 (!) doors are at 8pm.

Saturday 11th June

The Captain's Rest - Former Nine Black Alps member Martin Cohen's new project Milk Maid is due an album out soon on the Fat Cat label. With swooning melodies and distorted guitars this is definitely one to try and catch. Support from Robin Adams and She's Hit. Tickets are £5, doors are at 7pm.

The Arches - The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart are supported by Glasgow's Wake The President. Tickets are £12.50, doors at 7pm.

Sunday 12th June

Box - Catch Culann, Plastic Animals who I've played on the show before, Quinny and Logan La La Land. Entry is free, and doors are at 8pm.

Nice 'N' Sleazy - If You Lived Here You'd Be Home By Now are playing Nice 'N' Sleazy, however I'm not sure I'd want to live there. Black Jash are also playing and giving away lots of tapes apparently. Tickets are £tbc and doors are at 1:30pm.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

They're Taking The Hobbits To Isengard

The fact that the highlight of my Sunday spent in Kelvingrove Park for the West End Festival was seeing Billy Boyd, a.k.a. Pippin, in no way reflects on the quality of the music on show. It's just I am a huge LOTR geek, and also needed a link to post the above video.

I could have down with some help getting through the parade, which snaked it's way down Kelvin Way dragons and all. Impressive though it was, the gathering crowds meant I missed the start of Woodenbox With A Fistful Of Fivers, who were playing on the Hear Glasgow Stage. That the stage was parked right in front of a skatepark, was certainly a new for me, and invoked memories of a Sum 41 video. It also meant the crowd who did want to see the acts on stage risked being slammed by 10 year old boys falling off their skateboards (yes, it was funny each time) or retreating back beyond the park.

The music from Woodenbox, was deserving of a better stage to hear it. Everyone Has A Price with it's sax intro, is typical of Woodenbox's jangly sound. Somewhat like The Coral, with a Scottish accent. Lead singer Ali Downer must not have felt the wind chill with those Gaz Comb-esqe mutton chops. Hang The Noose really got the party started, and even the skaters, who by Downer's own admission would have prefered Dr Dre must have felt their foot a-tappin'. Draw A Line continued the set, and they closed with a sax/trumpet led jam. The only complaint is that they couldn't have played for longer!

Taking advantage of the gaps between bands, I sauntered off to buy an ice-cream. Bad move, it was cold and I started shivering.

Luckily, the next band on stage, The Dirty Demographic, brought out such dance inspired music, that I soon warmed up. Ok, I didn't actually start dancing, but the thought was there. Despite the name, there was nothing dirty about The Dirty Demographic. Their music was pleasant, upbeat, '60's inspired pop. Two standout tracks for me where Porn and Lucky. Throughout the full set front two Angus and Stefanie had an infectious happy stage presence, this is one band who deserved the sun.

Sadly, the clouds persisted and the wind kept blowing. However, I stuck it out, for a band I have wanted to see for a while, Stirling's own Miniature Dinosaurs. In town for Electric Honey's showcase gig in Oran Mor last night, they played a blinder on the Hear Glasogw Stage. Indie/art rockers from the moment you clap eyes on them, they kicked off with Turn It On, a ska/reggae infused track. Again the location hampered the crowd, and they certainly were deserving of a bigger audience. Cold Shoulder had a Talking Head's feel to it, and set closer and highlight Fight Or Flight has tinges of The Futureheads. After the set, I picked up a copy of the song on their split 7" with Wake The President. And two free badges. Woooo!

West End Festival Sunday

Today is the West End Festival Sunday, a free event held in Kelvingrove Park. There is plenty to do and see, and the famous Mardi Gras parade snakes it's way through the park. There's plenty of live music as well, with bands spread across 6 stages in the park and beyond. Here's a rundown of what you can see:

The Main Stage
12.30pm     Sunshine Social
1.30pm       Man at the Window
2.30pm       Brooksy and the Sound Collectors
3.30pm       Captain Slackship's Mezzanine Allstars 
4.30pm       Domino Gumbo
5.30pm       Das Contras
6.30pm       Esperanza

The Vintage Guru Stage

12pm          Punto the Feef
12.35pm     Little Buddha
1.10pm       The Coy Dogs
1.45pm       Toni Etherson
2.20pm       Baudelaire
2.55pm       Underclass
3.30pm       Selective Service
4.05pm       UKreign
5.00pm      Strawberry Ocean Sea
5.35pm      Gav Livs
6.10pm      The Imagineers

Lord Kelvin Acousitc Stage 

1.15pm       Cairn String Quartet 
2.15pm       Puff Uproar & The Shimmering Sound Affair 
3.00pm       Parade Passes
4.00pm       Clanadonia 
4.30pm       Eletricat
5.00pm       Puff Uproar & The Shimmering Sound Affair 
5.30pm       Juba de Leao and Samba Ya Bamba  

Rio Cafe Stage 

1pm - 6pm   Mark Robb  -  DJ sets

Kelvingrove Art Gallery 

1pm           Clanadonia
4pm           Glasgow Fiddle Workshop Ceilidh
5.30pm       Kings of Macumba 

Hear Glasgow Stage 

1pm          Samba Band
1.15pm      Switchback Road
1.45           Pedantics
2.10pm      Laura Divers
2.30pm      Wake the President
3.00pm      Ironic
3.45pm      Woodenbox and Fistful of Fivers
4.30pm      Ryan McDowall
4.45pm      The Dirty Demographic
5.10pm      Miniature Dinosaurs
5.35pm      A Band Called Quinn
6.05pm     Kitty the Lion

Check out the full listings at the West End Festival website.

Friday, 3 June 2011

West End Festival Preview

Today is the start of The West End Festival which runs until 26th June. You'll be able to see a full listings, not only of gigs but all events on the website, but here is a selection of my choices that you should try and get along to.

Saturday 4th June - Oran Mor - The Electric Honey label present a line up of White Heath, who are promoting their new album, Woodenbox With A Fistful Of FiversThe French Wives and Minature Dinosaurs. With such a great line up, you won't (like me) want to miss this! Tickets are £6 and doors are at 6:30pm

Saturday 4th June - The Captain's Rest - The Lava Experiments are launching their new EP 'Love, Lust & Loss'. Tickets are £5 and doors are at 7pm.

Sunday 5th June - Oran Mor - The Fence Collective host this show, where the line up is not revealed until the night of the show. However, with a catalouge of great bands on the label you can be sure this will be worth the ticket price. This is definetly a pick for the festival! Tickets are £12 and doors are at 5pm.

Monday 6th, 13th, 20th June - Brel - Folk sessions and informal jamming sessions held each night by Sarah Haynes of Admiral Fallow and Laura Wilkie from Rachel Sermanni's band. These sessions should be great fun, so try and head along to one!

Monday 6th June - The Captain's Rest - Straddling genres like they were thorough bred horses, Matthew Dear is the brains behind False and Jabberjaw. Tickets are £9, doors are at 7pm

Tuesday 7th June - The Captain's Rest - Post punk veterns and one of John Peel's favourites The Wild Swans are supported by Stealing Sheep. Tickets are £12 and doors are at 7pm.

Thursday 9th June - Oran Mor - Ayr indie rockers indiecode head up the M77 to play Oran Mor. Tickets are £10 and doors are at 7pm.

Friday 10th June - The Captain's Rest - Communion label presents To Kill A King supported by Glasgow's own Sunshine Social. Tickets are £5 and doors are at 7pm.

Saturday 11th June - The Captain's Rest - Former Nine Black Alps member Martin Cohen's new project Milk Maid is due an album out soon on the Fat Cat label. With swooning melodies and distorted guitars this is definitely one to try and catch. Tickets are £5, doors are at 7pm.

Monday 13th June - The Rio Cafe - Having supported the likes of Crocodiles, Vivian Girls and Wavves, Schnapps play Glasgow. Entry is free, and doors are at 8:30pm.

Monday 13th June - The Captain's Rest - Glasgow PodcArt present Jacob's Stories, who will have a new album out this year, and support comes from post rockers Midas Fall

Wednesday 15th June - The Captain's Rest - tUnE-yArDs a.k.a. Merrill Garbus are supported by Thousands who are signed on the Bella Union label. Tickets are £7 and doors are at 7pm.

Wednesday 15th June - Oran Mor - After dabbling with Cat's Eyes Faris returns to Glasgow with The Horrors. Expect their third album this summer, this is undoubtably the showcase gig of the festival. Tickets are £10 and doors are 7pm.

Thursday 16th June - The Wise Monkey - Up and coming Glasgow band The Fiction showcase their brand of alt rock. Entry is free and doors at 9pm.

Friday 17th June - The Captain's Rest - Glasgow's own Olympic Swimmers have supported Admiral Fallow in the past. They are joined by Rick Redbeard and Tesla Birds. One to see fo' so'! Tickets are £4 and doors are at 7pm.

Sunday 19th June - Oran Mor - More famously known as Mull Historical Society, Colin MacIntyre has sinced released albums under his own name. A forthcoming album as well as plenty of hits will ensure perfect pop at this gig. Tickets are £13 and doors are at 7pm.

Tuesday 21st June - The Captain's Rest - If You Lived Here You'd Be Home By Now are a Scottish all girl group creating exciting new sounds. Supported by Nico's Bike, Miss The Occupier and The Fnords. Tickets £tbc and doors are at 7pm.

Wednesday 22nd June - The Captain's Rest - With new album 'The Proximity Effect' out now, you can catch Laki Mera live as well. Tickets are £6 and doors are at 7pm.

Friday 24th June - Oran Mor - Communion presents a night in Glasgow after success in London, Dublin and Belfast. Expect to see acts on the Communion label. Tickets are £8 and doors will be at 7pm.

Friday 24th June - The Captain's Rest - Returning following their 2009 LP, Wake The President return. Support offered by Casual Sex and Post. Tickets are £5 and doors are at 7pm.

Saturday 25th June - The Captain's Rest - London band Tellison have supported the likes of Biffy, Johnny Foreigner and Noah & The Whale. On this gig they are joined by Parento and JJ Bull. Tickets are £5 and doors at 7pm.

Sunday 26th June - Brel - The Little Kicks bring some melodic indie pop to Ashton Lane. Tickets are £5 and doors are at 7:30pm.

Sunday 26th June - The Captain's Rest - Belfast's Girls Names make reverb jangly pop songs. Tickets are £5, doors at 7pm.

The West End Festival is an extremely multi cultural event, and chances are you will find something on somewhere which will catch your interest. A great deal of the events are free as well! At the very least you should head along on Sunday 5th to Kelvingrove Park for the opening parade!

Super Vinyl Adventure Club

Yeah, I started a club and gave it a childish name. So what if I'm the only member, despite what my wife says, it is big and it is clever! There almost was no super adventure this week. Severe lack of money has scuppered all gig going, and it meant I certainly had no cash to splurge on vinyl. What to do, what to do? Luckily I remembered I still had some HMV vouchers, so the adventure was back on! Here's how I got on:


So the afformented lack of money forced my hand this week. His Master Voice it was, the Argyle Street branch. Now you don't need me to tell you, that HMV is no longer the force it once was. Music, especially vinyl often takes a backseat amongst the more lucrative markets of video games, blu-ray and DVD's. To it's credit Argyle Street HMV does have a vinyl section, which is already more than most stores. Consisting of three racks, the selection isn't great. And the stock isn't readily replaced, meaning most of the LP's have been there since my last visit. The other drawback is HMV, despite what they may claim, do not want to deal in new music. They want safe, tried and tested music, which will sell. This means most of the vinyl is re-issues or mainstream artists. To my surprise however, I found (I use the word loosely, it was sitting right there) a solitary copy of FOUND's 3rd LP factorycraft. More on that in a minute. Despite the poor selection, and my general disdain for HMV, the staff member who served me was pleasant, and engaged in conversation. He certainly would have been at home in an independent record shop. Soundtracking my whole adventure was Bobby Womack - Across 110th Street, possibly from the Jackie Brown soundtrack, I don't know I didn't ask.


As mentioned above, I bought FOUND - factorycraft LP for £20. Certainly more pricey than a CD, however this is standard. I do reserve a special spot for artists that price their vinyl release the same as the CD, but that is few and far between. Like The Seventeenth Century last week, FOUND get brucey bonus points for included free mp3 download codes. The artwork is also pretty nifty. Black and white prints of machine bits against a bold background of simply colour.

The music is very good. I wasn't overly familiar with FOUND, so their experimental style was near enough new to me. Anti Climb Paint - Lead single is a catchy number, and other stand out tracks for me include I'll Wake With A Seismic Head No More, Johnny I Can't Walk The Line and Machine Age Dancing. The album as a whole has a kind of interchangable feel. It's inventive and foot tappingly good at times. It ticks all the right boxes without being pretentious or trying too hard something many other indie rock bands can be accused of. The influences of post-modern rock are there to be seen, but there is also slices of pure pop (a la` The Cure) which break through at times. All in all, a rousingly good album. Have a listen to Anti Climb Paint here.