As anyone will tell you those who cannot do, teach. Well in my case the saying should go, 'those who cannot do, preach'. Scottish Fiction, aside from being an Idlewild reference, is my attempt at just that. Not content with the bland and money grabbing dross that fills our radio waves, and without the necessary musical ability to do anything about it, Scottish Fiction is one man's attempt to promote, discover, and introduce new (and old) music. I attempt this through this blog which you are reading, and also via the means of community radio, where you can hear my ramblings on Pulse 98.4 FM (or online at www.pulseonair.co.uk).

If you are a musician, a promoter, a DJ, a blogger, a record label, or any other person of musical connection then please do contact me. Here, however, are a few points of reference which may come in handy when doing so:

- I do this all in my spare time, of which I don't have much. As much as music is a huge passion, my family and (reluctantly) my job take precedence. If I don't reply it may be for this reason.

- If you haven't guessed by the name of the blog, the majority of my content is Scottish music. Not purely for nationalistic reasons (although I do personally think that musically Scotland produces an outstanding amount of talent), but because there are limits on my time, which in turn mean limits on what I can listen to.

- This really should be obvious, but please provide information in your email i.e. short biography, website (if applicable), Facebook, download links (bandcamp or Soundcloud are preferred) or attachment, and any other relevant information. (Note the key word relevant here).

- My name is Neil. Feel free to use it.

- If you are submitting music for a particular feature then please indicate this in the subject line. This helps me file my emails and increases the chances of me reading it.

All content is posted with the purest intentions.  Where possible direct permission has been sought from the artists.  If you feel that permission has not been granted, or you would like something removed from the site, please contact me here and I'll be happy to oblige.