Recurring Ramblings

Scottish Fiction Podcast

Every Wednesday night from 8pm to 10pm in an act of sheer foolishness on their part, Pulse Community Radio let me loose on the airwaves.  During this two hour show you can expect to hear a variety of musical stylings, both old and new, with a heavy favouring towards Scottish artists.

You can listen live every Wednesday from 8pm on 98.4 FM (in East Renfrewshire and certain parts of Paisley/Glasgow), online at or via the TuneIn Radio App.

And if you miss the live show, the full show is put online as a podcast for you to listen to again.  Keep up to date with the show on Mixcloud, Soundcloud and iTunes.

If you wish to have your music played on the Scottish Fiction show then please email me with attachments or download links, putting 'Scottish Fiction Podcast' in the subject line or use my Soundcloud dropbox.

Scottish Fiction Sessions

Occassionally I manage to convince people to come on the show.  This is good for two reasons; firstly there is less of me talking, but more importantly they chat and play live songs.

If you'd like to take part in a Scottish Fiction Session then please email me putting 'Scottish Fiction Sessions' in the subject line.

We're Only Here For The Banter

Every week I ask some nice structured questions to a Scottish artist and let y'all read what they have to say.  Again good because other people's minds are generally more interesting than mine.

If you'd like to feature on 'We're Only Here For The Banter', please email me putting 'We're Only Here For The Banter' in the subject line.

Why Blogger?

Last year I ran a wee feature where I delved inside the minds of those who, to quote the Scottish Executive, are the 'Laptop Loyal'.  Although collectively known as BAMS (Bloggers And Music Sites) our topic of discussion is not viscious bile but music.  'Why Blogger?' is a feature where I ask a fellow blogger a little about themselves and to explain the curious behaviours of those who blog.

If you'd like to feautre on 'Why Blogger?', please email me, putting 'Why Blogger?' in the subject line.

Scottish Fiction EP

As part of showcasing new Scottish music, on the last Sunday of each month I release a Scottish Fiction EP on Bandcamp, featuring four Scottish artists.  Each EP is available to download for FREE, letting you get your hands on some new and exciting music.

If you'd like to have your music featured on the 'Scottish Fiction EP' one month, please email me, putting 'Scottish Fiction EP' in the subject line.

Gig Reviews

Now and again I'll do my best to convey to you the live experience of seeing the artist in question.  Generally I'll hand pick which gigs I go to and which of these I feel warrant a 'review'.  I'm not able to get to as many as I'd like, and even then I find reviewing them hard, hence the 'once in a while' status for this particular feature.

As stated above I generally hand pick which gigs to go to and review, however if you would like to invite me to review a particular gig, please email me, putting 'Gig Review' in the subject line.

Single/EP Reviews

The second Wednesday* of each month it's time for look at the vast mulitude of singles and EP's that are out there. I'll choose one and explain why you should part with your (dubiously) hard earned cash to own it.

If you'd like me to review your single/EP, please email me, putting 'Single/EP Review' in the subject line. Please include relevant information such as release date, format (eg. 7", CD, mp3), links, band biography, etc.

Album Reviews

The big kahuna. The first Wednesday* of each month I'll tackle a recently released album and use words such as 'good' and 'nice'.

If you'd like to me review your album, please email me, putting 'Album Review' in the subject line. Please include relevant information such as release date, format (eg. LP, CD, mp3), links, band biography, etc.

* This may change from month to month depending on timings of gigs and releases.

31 Songs

Nick Hornby released a book in 2002 called '31 Songs', which was an autobiographical journey through the world of music, where Hornby selected songs which had a special meaning for him, and wrote about them and what made them so special for him. It's a book that I read and immediately loved the idea of. Music is made to be shared, it's one of the most fantastically intimate things that someone can do. Sharing a song, is sharing a little bit about ourselves, even if we don't realise it. So ever I can find the time, I'll share a song and what that song means to me. Feel free to reciprocate.

Super Vinyl Adventure Club

Every now and again I shall post musings of my outings to record shops, and the wonderful fun things that can occur when doing this.