Thursday, 7 March 2013

Scottish Fiction Podcast - 6th March 2013

No live guests this week, just a orgy of wonderful new music from Scottish shores, including a track from the brand new Kid Canaveral album, 'Now That You Are A Dancer' (I might mention it's brilliant a few times), and also music from Three Blind Wolves, Man Without Machines, Walker Smith Jr., Golden Grrrls, The Darien Venture, and heaps more.

'Aye Tunes Friday Freebie' returns with a track from DanDanDan, there's a funky little jazz remix in our 'Re-Mixing It Up' feature with Bill Wells doing the remixing duties for A Band Called Quinn, and our 'Cover Lover' track is a Frightened Rabbit b-side.  On top of all that, let's welcome a brand new feature 'Tweet-a-track', which quite simply asks YOU to tweet your suggestion to @scotfiction984 during the week, and we will pick one to play.  Treat your ears and have a listen.

Three Blind Wolves - In Here Somewhere
Tremors - Kisses In The Cinema

Aye Tunes Friday Freebie - DanDanDan - You've Wasted Fire

Fake Major - Little Researcher
Lenzie Moss - Kelvin British Summertime
Adam Stafford - Vanishing Tanks
Ardent John - In The Morning
Cover Lover - Frightened Rabbit - Don't Go Breaking My Heart

Golden Grrrls - Past Tense
Roy's Iron DNA - Under My Skin
Walker Smith Jr. - I Like Those Odds
The Darien Venture - Catapult

Tweet-a-track chosen by @AOTDFEst - The Jesus And The Mary Chain - Tower Of Song

Brown Bear And The Bandits - Olive Tree
Kid Canaveral - Breaking Up Is The New Getting Married
Le Thug - New Balance
Rick Redbeard - No Selfish Heart

Re-Mixing It Up - A Band Called Quinn - Ghosts From The War (Bill Wills Remix)

Machines In Heaven - Mumbo Jingo
Inuit - We Don't Go There In Winter
Man Without Machines - Falling Star

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  1. Weirdly, I am currently listening to last week's show on the podcast right at this moment - but just wanted to chime in with my (obvious, given the duet partner) love for the Frightened Rabbit cover!

  2. Oooft it's these kind of weird timeloop things that propell my mind towards an infinite regress...