Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Scottish Fiction Podcast - 30th July 2014

I've had baby brain since last week following the birth of my daughter (it seeps a little bit into this podcast too.  Sorry!)  So as much as that is fantastic, it's also great to sit behind the microphone to record this latest episode of Scottish Fiction.  Mainly because I've been sitting on a ton of great tracks that deserve an airing.  Included in that are new ones from Garden Of Elks, Prides and Owl John, plus two session tracks courtesy of our friends over at Netsounds Unsigned and Houdidontblog.

Garden Of Elks - Yoop
Bright Side - Breaking Even
Lovers Turn To Monsters - Jason Voorhees
Pinact - Novembore (IG:LU Unplugged Session)
Owl John - Red Hand
Foreignfox - Yoghurt
Prides - I Should Know You Better
The Duke, Detroit - Summers Come
House Fire Kid - Rain Clouds
Andrew Pearson & Lovers Turn To Monsters - Another Dawn
Michael Cassidy - The Road (IG:LU Unplugged Session)
Gav Prentice - Where The Streets Have Royal Names

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