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Andrew Pearson & Lovers Turn To Monsters - Everything We Miss - Track by Track Review / Album Stream

Brought together by a mutual love of comic books, Wes Anderson and lo-fi music, two of Scotland's finest young singer-songwriters Andrew Pearson and Kyle Wood a.k.a. Lovers Turn To Monsters release their debut collaborative album Everything We Miss  on Monday 11th August.  The album is equally split with four tracks sung and written by Pearson, and four by Wood, with further instrumentals and backing vocals provided by Chris Marr, Lidh and Tilly Rossetti.

We are delighted to bring you not only a track by track review but also the first FULL stream of the album ahead of it's release.  Have a listen to 8 tracks about love, death, loss and lonliness, whilst reading Kyle's thoughts on the andy-led tracks and vice-versa.

And... don't forget the Andrew Pearson & Lovers Turn To Monsters play as part of the Common Records Showcase; 'Common, Feel The Noize' along with Algernon Doll, Now Wakes The Sea and Chrissy Barnacle on Sunday 10th August at Henry's Cellar Bar.  Check out the Facebook event here.

1) My Dad doesn’t really like my interests, I can only imagine what he’d think of you

Andy:  I had been at Chris’ house and recording for a day before Kyle arrived.  He came on the Wednesday morning and the three of us popped to the Co-op for a snack and juice.  We ate and chatted back at the flat while Chris set up the mics.  Once he was ready and we were done, Kyle got out his guitar, tuned up, then recorded, My Dad… in pretty much the next half an hour.  Like all of Kyle’s writing it’s incredibly honest and I think this is a very honest recording - unfussy.  What amazed me from that first half an hour of watching Kyle record was how totally he commits to his performance in every take.  He never half-arses anything.  And I think that’s because each song means so much to him.  We had a drunken conversation at a gig we played at in Dundee where we were discussing what particular songs were about.  What private stories, in-jokes and moments were referred to obliquely in our tunes - needless to say each of Kyle’s songs have an incredible weight of meaning behind them - sometimes elaborate, sometimes intimate - and that’s part of the reason why it’s such a privilege working on this record with him.  I know how much his music means to him and it’s amazing to be trusted to be part of it.

2) Another Dawn

Kyle:  Heading up to Dundee I was super excited, if a bit anxious.  Although me and Andrew had spoke extensively over the internet, this was actually only our fourth time crossing paths in the physical realm.  I'd purchased some of his music a few months before at the Common Christmas Party I'd put on in Glasgow and had been listening to his Fence-esque folk non-stop since.  So when Chris let me hear a preview of what they had been recording the day prior I was of course shocked and excited!  Another Dawn  is an amazing stride forward in my eyes.  The song still boasts Andrews intricate, witty lyrics but all of a sudden the minimal Riflebirds style I'd become accustomed to had been knocked up a few notches with chirpy synths, quick fire vocals and popping bass.  Pounding drums and life changing dance moves followed.

3) Juan Antonio

Andy:  I got to know Kyle via Wull Swales (of Algernon Doll, Where We Lay Our Heads and Wullie Mammoth fame) and I immediately said how much I loved his stuff and would love to release anything on Common Records.  He got back to me a few months later and asked us to release The Skeletor EP  which he had just recorded with ol’ Chris Marr up in Carnoustie.  So after we decided we’d like to record an album together - with a view to releasing it on vinyl - going back to Carnoustie was a no-brainer.  Besides being genuinely the nicest person I (or anyone else) knows, Chris is an extremely sympathetic producer and we knew he’d work well with juggling two musicians in the one session.  I think Juan Antonio  really shows off his talent.  Perfectly capturing the mood of a beautiful song.

4) Notes in the Cupboard

Kyle:  As much as I love the fun, dancey energy Andrew brought to this record, as I'm sure everyone can gather I'm a sucker for a sad song and Notes in the Cupboard  certainly fits that bill.  I first heard Andrew play it at the Common Christmas Party and was instantly drawn to the lyrics.  It's song about loss, but at the same time it's a song about the things you gained from the person you lost.  A topic I've become very well versed in, and probably the reason I felt such a deep connection.  Chris Marr's slowcore-esque drums really add to the vibe.

5) Record Collection

Andy:  Kyle says that his songs are obsessed about death.  I don’t think this is reeeaaally true but when he DOES write about death, he does so with startling directness and clarity.  Record Collection  is entirely typical of this.  When you stop and think about it, it’s a pretty gloomy song.  Morbid, pessimistic, blunt.  But despite all that (or perhaps because of it) it’s totally hilarious and it’s bloody good fun to play live too.

6) Lavender

Kyle:  If there's anything a good song should do it's cause your imagination to run wild.  Andrew Pearson's lyrics always seem to succeed in doing that with me and Lavender  is probably one of his best for it!  It's a lovely song reflecting on teenage pretention and the music manages to fit perfectly into that theme.  Quirky but with a feeling of self awareness that makes it such a great accesible pop number.  Layer some more fun synth, xylophones, bells, whistles and another little cameo from the lovely Lidh and there you go!  It's definitely become one of my favourites to play in our live show and Andrew even gave me some more backing vocals!

7) This is Not a Secret Stars Song

Andy:  This is my favourite song on the album.  The way it came together was unbelievably effortless.  Kyle started with recording all three electric guitar parts before putting any vocal on it.  It was immediately evocative.  I actually said at this stage, “this sounds like perfect soundtrack music to a scene in a film where a couple split up and they’re both driving about in the rain at night.”  And, who’d ah thunk it, that’s exactly what the song was about.  This is Not a Secret Stars Song  is a great example of when music and lyrics go together perfectly.  I put some vibraphone parts over the top on a big ol’ Yamaha monstrosity that Chris had found in the Tay Recycling Plant and then Eilidh Lawrence came in to do some backing vocal parts in the chorus.  Really simple, really easy but a fantastic song.  I think it goes to show that when the writing is as strong as it invariably is with Kyle, you don’t have to do much with it for it to be a stand-out song.  Which, I guess, is a big part of our lo-fi ethos.

8) You'll be the Death of Me

Kyle:  I've been making music as Lovers Turn to Monsters for a long time and have had a lot of run ins with other musicians, but it wasn't until I met the Common Records team I felt I belonged somewhere.  Everyone involved feels close to me in some way shape or form.  The guys from Algernon Doll, Andrew Pearson and his Riflebirds, Calum K. West, Now Wakes The Sea, Hamish James Hawk and everyone else who is held under the Common umbrella I consider a friend and there's nothing better than sharing music, films, comics with a friend.  I had recently let Andrew hear the work of Mike Kinsella and he mentioned that he had fairly enjoyed it and took a bit of influence from Owen when writing this song.  The song of course is a far cry from some Owen re-hashing but a soft beautiful song full of some absoloutley mind blowing arrangement.  Definitley my favourite on the record.  Look out for Tilly Riflebird killing it on the clarinet!

Andrew Pearson & Lovers Turn To Monsters - Everything We Miss  is out on Monday 11th August via Common Records.  Pre-orders on cassette, vinyl or digital download are available here.  The album can be streamed in FULL via the widget below.

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