Tuesday, 19 May 2015

EP Review - A Sudden Burst Of Colour - Waves Will Rise On Silent Water

A Sudden Burst Of Colour are a quartet from Motherwell, comprising of Luke Duncan, Liam Shaw, Callum Brand and Calum Farquharson, who produce a captivating brand of instrumental rock music that balances elements of shoegaze and post rock with an at times mainstream feel quite perfectly.

Their second EP Waves Will Rise On Silent Water  contains four tracks of, at times, quite beautiful music that doesn't fail to impress.  Opener Riptide  starts off on an ambient footing, bringing to mind Sigur Ros, before atmospheric guitars merge with a rumbling bassline, driving the song to a superb conclusion. The eight minute Yume  follows and it's a real treat.  It feels like a serene version of Mogwai; the power is there but the aggression of Mogwai is removed and replaced with melody to quite wonderful effect.  There's a real beauty within this track and it's the standout from the EP.

Life Spent Drifting  is another post rock soundscape that sounds positively huge in places and, interestingly, clearly has a dance influence working at certain points.  We end with Ocean Floor which is initially built around shimmering guitars before becoming a My Bloody Valentine-like drone which warps the EP up quite fantastically.

This is a really exciting EP and contains some genuinely powerful and uplifting music, which bears repeat listens.  It's hard not to listen to it without being moved in some way.

- David McElroy

A Sudden Burst Of Colour - Waves Will Rise On Silent Water  is available via Good Grief Records and can be downloaded here