Monday, 23 May 2011

...And Now For Something Completely Different - 23rd May 2011

I've been sitting on this one for week's now. Honestly I couldn't wait to play it! In case you don't know, every week on my show on Pulse Community Radio 98,4 FM I have a feature called '...And Now For Something Completely Different' (Yes, it's a Python rip-off, I know!) And basically, it's my excuse to play a random song in amongst new alternative and indie music from Scotland and beyond.

This week's song was a belter. The Winner Takes It All by Swedish sensations ABBA. I feel no shame in admitting I love this song. Musically I can't imagine how it could be better. And lyrically it is just an outpouring of emotion, not bettered since Double Rainbow.

Watch it below, and join the love. You won't regret it. Well you might, but that's your problem.

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