Friday, 20 January 2012

Scottish Fiction Birthday Radio Show

Hey!  I'm having a party!

It's hard for me to get my head round, but on the 30th January I will have been on air at Pulse Community Radio for 12 months.  Granted the first few shows were pre recorded, and the show in it's current format didn't quite come to fruition until a wee while after, but it's still a pretty fucking awesome thing.

So to celebrate I've asked some people to come along to my birthday party!  I'm hugely excited to announce the following will be joining me live in the Pulse studio on Monday 30th January from 9pm to 11pm for live music, banter, hand picked tracks, cake, and other frivolties:

Michael Cassidy
Shambles Miller
Julia Doogan

And as if four people in the studio wasn't enough, Jamie Spark of Pulse Friday night fame and regular 'Mixing It Up' collaborator will be in the studio for a LIVE Mixing It Up feature!

Lastly I want to also extend an invitiation to YOU!  If you fancy popping down to the studio to either say hello, join the party, or even just listen live then let me know! 

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