Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Prizes To Be Won!

Is it really sad that I'm actually swelling with pride that less than three weeks until our Scottish Fiction Presents gig to mark a year of the blog's existence, somebody spotted the above piece of graffiti in the ladies toilets at The Captain's?  I've officially made it!

(On a side-but-related-note, have a read at The Pop Cop's cracking post about toilet graffiti.  There's some belters in there.)

All this free advertising courtesy of the ladies of Glasgow, has given me an idea for a giveaway for our up coming gig.  Tickets are in short supply, and we'd love to see as many of you there as possible for what will be a great night of music.  Feel free to share details of the gig and the competition to as many people as possible.

 So here's details of how you can win two tickets to see Michael Cassidy, The Spook School, Queen Jane and Saint Death in The Captain's on Sunday 17th June from 8pm as part of Scottish Fiction Presents.

How to win

Winning couldn't be simpler.  Across bars, clubs, venues and shops in Glasgow (there's also a few in Paisley for those keen poster spotters) you'll spot posters advertising our gig.  They look like this:

There are pretty well spread out, and we've put up close to 100, so finding one shouldn't be hard.  Simply take a photo and post it on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/thisisscottishfiction) or our Twitter (http://twitter.com/scotfiction984).  We'll pick one winner at random on Wednesday 6th June and you'll get yourself two tickets for the gig.

 If you can't wait until then, or you just don't think you'll win, then tickets will be available on the door for £5, and can be purchased online now from this link. (If you buy tickets in advance and then win the competition we'll refund your money, cause we're nice like that!)

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