Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Scottish Fiction Podcast - 21st May 2012

After a fun Saturday spent rounding around Glasgow, firstly putting up posters for the upcoming Scottish Fiction Presents Gig, and then dashing between venues for Stag & Dagger, it was good to put my feet up and play some cracking new music.  On this week's show there's new music from The Winter Tradition, Penfold, North American War and Rachel Sermanni.  We play a stonking track from CHURCHES in the Peenko Friday Freebies track, and our featured artist is one of the highlights from Stag & Dagger, The Phantom Band.  For all that and more, have a listen below.

Joy Division - Atmosphere
Napoleon's Dogs - Kings & Queens
Rachel Sermanni - Eggshells
Bacchanal Party - You Won't Get Far
Mad Nurse - Submissive

Peenko Friday Freebie - CHURCHES - Lies

North American War - Ivory And

Classic Scottish Album - Mogwai - Batcat - The Hawk Is Howling

Delifinger - Escapes
Jesus H. Foxx - So Much Water
Crusades - Pseudo Andro
Miaoux Miaoux - Snow
Olympic Swimmers - Knots
Night Noise Team - Picking Up The Pieces
The Beautiful Lies - For Far Too Long
wherehumanseat - Loom
The Winter Tradition - San Diego

Featured Artist
The Phantom Band - Halfhound
The Phantom Band - Everybody Knows It's True

Penfold - Echoes
PAWS - Linus Van Pelt
Admiral Fallow - The Paper Trench

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