Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Battle Of The Bands - Round 4

If you follow either Kowalskiy or I on Twitter then this evening you may have seen your feed filled with school ground posturing and some numbers being flung around like a rag doll.  This can only mean it's Battle Of The Bands Round 4!

As always, a quick recap of round 3, in which Randolph's Leap aided me in a whitewash drubbing of David from Kowalskiy, who had on his side DOLFiNZ.  This levelled the scores off at a nail bitingly close 2-2 heading into round 4.  For a whole synopsis direct your eyes here.

As per our rules which have been carved into stone somewhere in a Glasgow cave, as I had first picks last time out, this week it's David's turns to take those all important first picks.  Here's how things transpired.

This week I've recruited Paisley crooner Michael Cassidy on board to help me try and secure a lead over David.  He is currently hitting all the right notes, with rave reviews of his first headline gig at King Tut's, an appearance at the Boardmasters festival over the weekend, and recently winning the Gerry Rafferty Songwriting Prize.  Kowalskiy's picks were, Twitter Follow Ratio, Band Name Scrabble Score and Years Since Formation.  As you can see from the above bandcard, I felt that gave us a fair shout at picking up some points.  Or so I thought...

Staying within his day time profession, David chose Glasgow four piece We Are The Physics to battle his corner.  (I don't know if the band are actually physicists.  In fact I suspect they are actually evil doctors).  Comparing the chosen statistics looks something like this:

Twitter Follow Ratio
Michael Cassidy - 1.15      vs.       We Are The Physics - 6.61
Band Name Scrabble Score
Michael Cassidy - 27       vs.       We Are The Physics - 31
Years Since Formation
Michael Cassidy - 5       vs.       We Are The Physics - 8

Which means, it's 0-3 to David for round 4, and 2-3 overall in the Battle Of The Bands.  Grrrr....

There's going to be an extended wait for round 5, due to other commitments for both David and I, however as the old saying goes, revenge is a dish best served cold.

Michael Cassidy's profile has never been higher.  He recently played a sell out headline show a King Tuts, and during the summer has played countless festivals.  His brand of songwriting has also seen him win the inagural Gerry Rafferty Songwriting Prize, a fitting tribute from one of Paisley's finest sons.  With his debut album edging closer and closer to a release date, his stock can only continue to rise.

We Are The Physics
are a 4 piece alternative group from Glasgow, who have had two crackin' singles out recently, the fabulously catchy 'Goran Ivanisevic' and 'Applied Robotics'.  Check them out!

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