Saturday, 11 August 2012

Scottish Fiction Podcast - 8th August 2012

On this week's show we were joined in the studio by live guests 7of7.  As there were 6 of them, it got a bit crowded, but fun nonetheless!  The band played two live tracks, one of which was a special cover, and chose some tracks to play during the first hour of the show.  In between all that there was some chat about their music and more!  Sadly due to a recording mishap, the first 10 minutes of the show are missing.  Sorry 'bout that!  There's also bag loads of new Scottish music from the likes of Evil Hand, Father Sculptor and Be Like Pablo.  More good music than you can wildly shake a stick at!

7of7 - These Day Are Our Last (Live Acoustic)

City Of Colour - O' Sister - Chosen by 7of7

7of7 - Shooting Star (Live cover of Flip N Fill)

Dream Theater - Honor Thy Father - Chosen by 7of7

7of7 - These Days Are Our Last
Father Sculptor - Aristide
Discopolis - Live Like Sebastian
Evil Hand - Ten Years
Tango In The Attic - Mona Lisa Overdrive
Holy Esque - Tear
Algernon Doll - Son Of A Gun, Brother To None
Be Like Pablo - Oh, Emily!
Lightships - Fear And Doubt
Steve Heron - Eleanor
Forest Fires - Avalanche
CUR$ES - Urge

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