Sunday, 30 September 2012

Battle Of The Bands - Round 6

Ding dong!  Round 6 of Battle Of The Bands was all over Twitter this afternoon, albeit slightly latter than originally planned!  David was foaming at the mouth and I was growling like a grizzly as we pitted our Scottish musical knowledge against each other Top Trumps style.

You should all know the rules by now, but if you don't... then here's a handy link to remind you.  Last time out it was the slimmest of victories for camp Scottish Fiction, with the help of the definitive article I, along with The State Broadcasters, edged victory with a superior Band Name Scrabble Score.  Missed that epic clash?  Then have a peak here and get up to date with what's been happening.

All up to date?  Good.  It's now time for Round 6 of Battle Of The Bands, where David has first pick this time.  His choice of band... The Dead Man's Waltz.

Formidable opponents I'm sure you'll agree. Which means of course that I had to pull out the stops to beat them, and helping me to do that is... Stanley Odd.

David choose Band Name Scrabble Score to kick things off, a wise choice on his part with a 'W' and 'Z' propping up his score to 30.  With Stanley Odd only scoring half of that, first blood in Round 6 went to David.

The next choice was SoundCloud Tracks.  Yay!  Stanley Odd have 28 tracks to The Dead Man's Waltz's 14, which ensured that things would go to the final statistic.

And it was a close a call as last round, as David picked Twitter Follow Ratio.  David and The Dead Man's Waltz pipped Stanley Odd and I with a superior Follow Ratio, 1.05 to 0.87.

So once again home advantage is crucial as David takes a slender one point lead into Round 7 which will be next week.  You can follow our banter and jousting on Twitter with #battleofthebandsround7 in a fortnight's time.  As always though the real focus is on the bands.

The Dead Man's Waltz are new to me, but David sold them as to me as Skye's answer to Beirut.  Which is a pretty good description!  Check out recent single Emmeline below.

Leading the way for Scottish hip-hop were my 6-piece Stanley Odd.  Their album 'Reject' dropped two weeks ago and is full of insightful lyrics and excellent beats.  Check out lead single from the album, 'Killergram'.

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