Sunday, 9 September 2012

Scottish Fiction August 2012 EP

The latest Scottish Fiction FREE monthly EP is, as you might notice, a tad late.  Apologies for that, the tolls of work, study and play have hit me hard.  It's also because of this that we have to announce that August's EP is the penultamite one, meaning our very last FREE EP will come at the end of this month.  Hold back those tears though because September's EP is an Olive Grove Records special, something we are very excited about!

So onto this month's EP, which sees us showcase a track from Drunk Mule, Algernon Doll, Vcheka and 7of7.  We're particularly pleased with these four tracks, and hopefully you will be too and be inspired to check out a little more about each of the artists.  So get downloading, and enjoy your freshest batch of free music.

Drunk Mule
Algernon Doll

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