Thursday, 1 November 2012

Battle Of The Bands - Round 8

Before we get into the nasty and brutish business of Battle Of The Bands Top Trump style, it's announcement time!  The fortnightly duel between David of Kowalskiy and I shall be shimmying onto a Wednesday night from now on, so set your calendars accordingly!  As always you can follow the action on Twitter with #battleofthebands(insert round number accordingly).

Time for Round 8!  So far in the series, aside from a draw in the opening heat, home advantage has proved invaluable.  Essentially who ever has first pick of the stats, has borne out as the winner.  This was true in Round 7 where I led the way with the boys from Croy, Campfires In Winter as we took victory over David's choice Toy Machene.

 The ball is now back in the Kowalskiy camp as we enter into Round 8 at level pegging.  For those who haven't been keeping up with the rules, you can remind yourself here.  For those up to speed with everything... Let's battle!

In the Scottish Fiction corner you'll find someone who is quickly becoming our 'house band', given the amount of times he's featured on the show.  I make no apologies for it, 'cause his output is both vast and impressive.  It is the appropriately named for Halloweeen, Lovers Turn To Monsters

Once again David heads north in search of inspiration, and has plumped for Aberdeen band IndianRedLopez, who were responsible for one of my favourite albums last year, 'Empty Your Lungs And Breathe'.

The action kicked off with the Band Name Scrabble Score stat, and as you've probably figured out the band with a 'Z' in their name won that fight.  With a score of 27 IndianRedLopez trumped Lovers Turn To Monsters score of 23.  1-0 Kowalskiy.

Make or break time with the next pick, and David went for Twitter Follow Ratio, in honour of our battleground.  It was a close call and I thought LTTM's score of 1.15 would be enough to win, but sadly IndianRedLopez pipped us with a score of 1.23.  That brought the score to 2-0 and game to David.

Despite losing there's always the chance to save face with the last point.  That hope turned to despair as David chose Average Age.  As LLTM (a.k.a. Kyle said himself on Twitter, at least he has his youth...  David won the point with a score of 28.2 to 24, sealing a 3-0 win and a whitewash in round 8.

Scores on the doors are now 5-4 to David, but I've got home turf again in two weeks time so we'll see if I can level the scores.  Remember to follow us on Twitter to keep up with the action live as it unfolds.  My Twitter is here, whilst you'll find Kowalskiy here.  As always though, there's not really a winner or loser (that's what me and Kyle are telling ourselves anyway!) and it's about the two artists involved. 

Let's start with Scottish Fiction favourite Lovers Turn To Monsters, a.k.a. Kyle Wood, who is a lo-fi singer AND songwriter (not singer-songwriter!).  His simple (not a bad thing) style of recording and writing, means his Bandcamp is filled with hordes of songs, amongst which there are plenty of gems.  His latest offering is a collection of tracks on an EP entitled 'This Horror Movie Is A Metaphor For Puberty'.  Check out the track below and keep an eye on the blog for some more stuff from Kyle soon!

David's winners (a meaningless term surely!) were of course IndianRedLopez.  Last year's 'Empty Your Lungs And Breath' was a cracker of a debut, and earlier this year they contributed a track to our Hidden Tracks feature.  New song 'Break Us Both' is a great indicator of things still to come!

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