Thursday, 1 November 2012

Gies It Ya Dix!

Recording studios are an integral part of the music community.  When you're at a gig or listening to a band's latest single not many people think about how many hours of practice, jamming and recording goes in to produce the finished article.  As well as providing the means to polishing up an artists act, they can also facilitate creative thinking between bands interacting with each other.

That's why it's refreshing to see a studio such as Dixon Street Studios doing what it can to help unsigned artists.  Their latest initiative is Gies It Ya Dix, a cheeky play on words, where the studio will give away 30 hours of recording time for free to the winner of a public poll.

All the bands on the poll have been nominated by bloggers, including yours truly, venues and promoters within the Scottish music community, and the winner is chosen purely by public vote.  There's a smorgasbord of talent on offer all of whom would be deserving of the prize.  The full list includes:

Secret Motorbikes
Shambles Miller
Lovers Turn To Monsters
Shooting Stansfield
Waiting For Go
Blank Canvas
Tijuana Bibles
Behold The Old Bear
Dirty Old Red
Kill Surrrf
Hector Bizerk
Thank The Boy
Campfires In Winter
Chris Devotion & The Expectations
Mechanical Smile
Little Fire
Sandstone Flats
Queen Jane
Mark Copeland & The Wounded Pirates
Cherri Fosphate
Johnny Barr
Poor Frisco

Click on the links for more about each artist.  Voting for Gies It Ya Dix is open until 5th November and you can cast your vote here.  Go on!

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