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Scottish BAMS Winner 2012

So a slightly belated BAMS 2012 announcement from ourselves, and I'm sure the majority of you who care will have seen the results on one of the other 41 blogs and music sites taking part.  However we always like to show our support and for those who've maybe missed it, here is the Scottish BAMS 2012.

If you are unfamiliar with the BAMS, then let me elucidate the possibilities. The BAMS stands for Bloggers And Music Sites, and each representative submits their favourite five albums of the year.  These results are then tallied, checked and collaborated in an intricate scoring system by head BAM Mr. Peenko to produce a final top 10 list.  In total there were had 41 different sites take part, which I guess just goes to demonstrate just healthy the Scottish music scene is at the moment.

As I am sure you will want to know who took part, here's a list of the sites/persons who voted in this years BAMS :

Scots Whay Hae!Jim Gellatly, Detour, Jock N Roll, Houdidontblog, Rave Child, Fusion New Music, Fish In A Sub, Manic Pop Thrills, Kowalskiy, 17 Seconds, Net Sounds, The Steinberg Principle, Songs Heard On Fast Trains, Peenko, Hercules Moments, Dauphin Mag, JockRock, Play That Song For Me, The Spill, The Tidal Wave of Indifference, HP, Inverness Gigs, Elba Sessions, Fresh Air, Scottish Fiction, Tenement TV, Marion Scott MFR, Last Years Girl, Dear Scotland, Blues Bunny, The Pop Cop, Vic Galloway, Ally McCrae, Glasgow PodcART, I Hate Fun, Avalanche, Edinburgh Man, Everything Flows, Nicola Meighan, Aye Tunes and Song, by Toad.

Here's the top ten BAMS albums of 2012

Joint 12-9th -
Chris Devotion & The Expectations - Amalgamation & Capital /
Paul Buchanan - Mid Air /
The Twilight Sad - No One Can Ever Know /
We Are The Physics - Your Friend, The Atom

8th - Admiral Fallow - Tree Bursts In Snow

7th - Sharon Van Etten – Tramp

6th - Miaoux Miaoux - Light Of The North

5th - Errors - Have Some Faith In Magic

4th - RM Hubbert - Thirteen Lost & Found

3rd - PAWS - Cokefloat!

2nd - Django Django - Django Django

1st - Meursault - Something for the Weakened

 (courtesy of Mike from Manic Pop Thrills)

Head BAM Lloyd caught up with Meursault frontman Neil Pennycook.  Here's what he had to say:

"Congratulations Neil, you are this years' winners of the Scottish BAMS award, how do you feel?        

I feel like the chubby lad at school after being picked first for the football team. I fear that any minute now I'm going to be told it's all a joke and you're going to burn my shoes and flush my head down the toilet.       

It seems to have been a pretty exciting year for the band, what with European tours supporting Clap Your Hands Say Yeah to headlining the Queen's Hall back in July, aside from winning this years BAMS, what's been your personal highlight of 2012?   

My highlight is probably the QH gig. I've wanted to play that venue since I was 18. Feels nice to have ticked that one off.             

Last years the BAMS was won by Aidan Moffat and Bill Wells, who later went on to win the SAY Awards. Have you allowed yourself the thought that you might potentially be in with a shout at next years SAY Awards?   

What? I thought this was the SAY awards? You ARE still giving me £10000 though right?  (whip round anyone? - Peenko)

I noted that once again you've decided not to head over to Austin for next years SXSW, is not something that interests you or are you just keeping our friends on the other side of the pond waiting?   

It's not something that appeals to me to be honest. I get really tired of the competitive aspect of playing music and do my best to avoid it. I've no interest in travelling halfway round the world (at great expense) to pedal my music to pissed up strangers in laminates  . Playing in the states is something that I'm keen to pursue but not that way.      
How important do you feel that the support of music blogs has been to the band?   

It's been hugely important for us. After all it was a blogger (song, by toad) who put out our first 3 records.              

Seeing as we are on the subject of albums of the year, what have been your personal favourites of the last 12 months?        

I've not sure if all of these came out this year but I'm going with them anyway...  

Chad Vangaalen- Diaper Island 
Youth Lagoon- The Year of Hibernation 
Charles Latham- Fast Loans 
Grouper- alien observer 
Paws- Cokefloat   


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