Thursday, 6 December 2012

Scottish Fiction Podcast - 28th November 2012

Fancy some new tunes from Queen Jane, King Post Kitsch and A Band Called Quinn?  Then get your lugs wrapped around the latest Scottish Fiction podcast for this and plently of other alternative music.  There's the Aye Tunes Friday Freebie track from Great Cop, our usual Re-Mixing It Up features, a track from Belle & Sebastian's 'If You're Feeling Sinister' which is our Classic Scottish Album, and there's three tracks from our Featured Artist, RM Hubbert.

Jonathan Snee - Do You?
Roy's Iron DNA - In The Morning

Great Cop - Faint Light - Aye Tunes Friday Freebie

A Band Called Quinn - Ghosts From The War
Shambles Miller - Rapture
The Winter Tradition - Tides And Telegrams
Queen Jane - Fighting Man

Pictish Trail - Michael Rocket (Euros Child & Patrwm Remix) - Re-Mixing It Up

King Post Kitsch - Repulsive Sunsets
The Yawns - Take Me To The Moon Please
Algernon Doll - Feather To A Fall
Flutes - Auld Archie
Django Django - Hail Bop

Belle & Sebastian - If You're Feeling Sinister - If You're Feeling Sinister - Classic Scottish Album

M A D I S O N - Crimson
The Spook School - I Don't Know
The LaFontaines - Shark In The Water

Featured Artist
El Hombre Trajeado - Sleep Deep
RM Hubbert - For Maria
RM Hubbert featuring Aidan Moffat - Car Song

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