Monday, 10 June 2013

We're not quite done yet (extended TAKEOVER!)

Yeah so we were going to finish the week with a big post yesterday, then Wull went out and got really drunk and didn't edit the interviews, so we've still got like 3/4 left to post and other things to talk about.  I'm sure Neil won't mind... (Ed.  Nope he won't!)

So yeah few things to chat about today number one being Danny's band Lost Ghosts single is out today for free download, and it's pretty damn good you can hear it on their Soundcloud.  Try and not dance when the chorus comes in.

We've talked about Common Records a lot in the past week well today.  Algernon Doll's album 'Citalo-pop' is out, go buy it at and also Lovers Turn To Monsters has a new free single out today for his song 'Skelator' from the EP of the same name which you can download here.

Lovers Turn To Monsters

1. Song that got you into music? - The Strokes- 'Last Night'.  I was forced to listen to a lot of music in my youth.  My dad loved Springsteen, Dylan, The Beatles etc. but The Strokes were the first band I called my own (even though my Dad saw them live before me).  I already had long hair due to interest in hippy culture but at this point the idea of modern musicians having long hair blew my mind...

2. Song that made you want to write? - Nirvana- 'Serve the Servants'.  Like all youth Kurt was the first person to make me realise music could have some depth.  I tried to think of the first Nirvana moment that made me REALLY sit up and the opening lyric to this is probably it.

3. Song that changed your musical direction? - Sebadoh - 'Truly Great Thing'.  After maybe a year or two of making music as Lovers Turn To Monsters I was coming to a dead end.  Constantly trying to mask my music in effects, multi layered instruments and God knows what else.  Lou made me realise that all that matters in art is honesty and expression.  You may think that's just our excuses for being lazy and thrifty but whatevs.

4. First song you ever learned? - Ash - 'Kung Fu'.  I was a bass player first and even though I'd jammed on the classic Smoke On The Water's and Seven Nation Armies, 'Kung Fu' was the  first song I could play right through.  Followed swiftly by The Ramones 'Beat On The Brat'.

5. Song that makes you happy to be alive? - Jon Brion - 'Elephant Parade'.  26 seconds of pure joy.  Boom!

Ok we'll have more to follow tonight, or tomorrow...

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