Saturday, 8 June 2013

Scottish Fiction Podcast - 5th June 2013

It's warm, it's sunny, Scotland don't quite suck as much as football as they did two days ago, and there's a whole heap of music packed into the latest episode of Scottish Fiction.  Oh and there's loads of tadpoles too, but that's completely unrelated to anything else.

Contained in this two hours is a Re-Mixing It Up track from Giant Fang and Prides, a Cover Lover track from Rachel Sermanni, new music from Lovers Turn To Monsters, Birdhead, Quickbeam, Galleries, Primal Scream and many more.  There's also a short documentary looking at the future of record shops.  Enjoy!

Primal Scream - Invisible City
Capitals - Sinking Ships
Book Group - BOP
eagleowl - eagleowl vs. woodpigeon

Cover Lover - Rachel Sermanni - Ae Fond Kiss

Lloyd James Fay - From The Eyewall
Frightened Rabbit & Manchester Orchestra - Architect
Sparrow And The Workshop - Valley Of Death
Birdhead - Time Lag Accumulator
Safe Houses - Phyrrhic

Tweet-a-track - Le Thug - Swam - As chosen by @dodpod24

Sean Armstrong - Midnight

Documentary - Broken Records: Have Record Stores Had Their Day?

Lovers Turn To Monsters - Skeletor
Quickbeam - Mountains
Scarlet Shift - Clouds
Human Pyramids - Relapse

Re-Mixing It Up - Giant Fang - Aqualung (Prides Remix)

How To Swim - Midnight Steak
Galleries - Great Comets (of 1910)
Halfrican - Guillotine

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