Friday, 12 July 2013

Time for a quick T?

It's so close I can actually hear the cries of 'T IN THE PEEEEEEEEEEEERK' echoing round already.  So without further ado let's bash ahead with some more T in the Park memories.  Thanks to those who've chipped in with their own, feel free to continue!

2011 - Foo Fighters 

This was the second time I'd seen Dave Grohl and the gang headline T, the first being back in 2005.  This time round, I had my face painted like a panda and started a mosh-pit with a 12 year old.  Oh the tunes were pretty awesome too!

2008 - The Futureheads

The Futureheads are one of my favourite bands ever.  I've seen them at least 12 times that I can remember since 2004.  This headline slot in the King Tut's Tent on Friday of 2008 was the best I've ever seen them.  Full of energy, great on stage banter, they had the crowd in the palm of their hands, and their famous split sing-a-long during 'Hounds Of Love'... Epic, just epic.

2009 - Blur

And it really really really did happen.  When we all feared the worst, standing there on that hill for what seemed like a eternity after fucking Snow Patrol had finished.  Word was Graham Coxon was too sick to play and that Blur wouldn't make their headline slot.  But then, then to one of the loudest, rapturous welcomes ever, Blur took to the Balado Main Stage.

2008 - Rage Against The Machine

The played the first ever T in the Park.  Now they were back.  Most of their set is a blur, but in a good way.  An hour and a half spent moshing, danching, and going ape-shit when 'Take The Power Back' was played.

2008 - The Silent Disco

Ahh man, what an absolutely fantastic night me and my mates had in the silent disco each night back on the campsite this year.  I think if memory serves that this was the first year the silent disco was introduced, which seems crazy now, but it kept the party going on long after the music on stage finished.

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