Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Time for a quick T?

Last night I posted up the first five of my top T in the Park memories, as we get into the spirit for T20 this weekend.  The weather is primed to be sorching, Kraftwerk are playing, what more do you need?

Feel free to get involved with your own TITP memories and join the discussion.

2006 - Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, The Who

Just read that back.  Arctic Monkeys at the peak of the hype Alex Turner told us all not to believe.  The Strokes. And the legends that are The Who.  No further explanation needed.

2011 - Rachel Sermanni

One of Scotland's finest voices, grabbing attention and turning heads with her delicate tracks in the T Break stage on Sunday of 2011's festival.  I only went for the Sunday that year, and it was worth it just for Rachel Sermanni alone.

2006 - Buying a wedding dress from the Oxfam tent

Because T is not all about music.  It's about memories.  It's about good times.  It's about getting pished with your mates, buying two wedding dresses and parading about in them all night.  Clearly.

2010 - Jay-Z

He didn't have anything to prove following 2008's stint on the Pryamid Stage at Glastonbury, but it was one of the best live performances I've seen, and this old school rap fan loved it.  My mate and I spent the whole day rapping Jay-Z lines back and forth to each other.  By the time he came on stage I was more Brooklyn than Balado.  Bling.

2007 - Music on Friday nights for the first time

A lot of people won't have good memories of this particular Friday due to delays of up to 13 hours and large tailbacks on the roads.  However for those of us on site, it was kind of surreal.  Only camping ticket holders were given access, and because of the large number of people who couldn't get in due to the traffic, the site was eerily empty (in comparison to a normal capacity on Saturday or Sunday).  Main stage music came from Bloc Party and Arctic Monkeys.


  1. 2007, Pet Sounds Arena, Ocean Colour Scene, cup hits my head, warm liquid runs down my neck and back... sudden realisation I'm too old for T.

  2. Haha surely the fact you watching OCS should also indicate that... :)