Saturday, 9 November 2013

Single Review - Michael Cassidy - Everybody's Scared

Everybody’s Scared is exactly what you expect from Paisley’s Michael Cassidy.  That is not to say that the singer-songwriter has become predictable, far from it, however this new release is predictably brilliant.  Having garnered support from BBC Radio 1 and toured with Ben Howard, Cassidy has set his stall out as one of Scottish music’s most exciting prospects and this single has only proved further that the buzz around him is justified.

Everybody’s Scared is the perfect mix of simple and eloquent.  Cassidy’s husky Scottish vocal, as ever, fills you with warmth as you listen, a perfect tonic to combat the impending harsh Scottish winter.  His guitar playing is something to admire, driving the song along cheerfully as Cassidy croons his inner anxieties over the top.  It’s this juxtaposition between the music and the lyrics that make the song resonate.  Lyrics like, "waiting for someone", and "I’m on my own again" are expected over a less chirpy riff, but it’s this type of song writing that has led to Michael Cassidy to where he is today, and long may it continue.

- Stuart Thompson

Michael Cassidy - Everybody's Scared is out on D Set Records on 18th November.  You can pre-order the single here

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