Sunday, 17 November 2013

Scottish Fiction Podcast - 13th November 2013

Talk about a broad spectrum!  In this week's show there's hip-hop from Kobi Onyame and Young Fathers, punk from Medals and Sink Alaska, indie-folk from Michael Cassidy and a dose of post rock from Wolves of Winter.  Not to mention some remixing action from De Rosa, a ballboy cover of Bruce Springstein and a whole heaps more of the best new Scottish music about.

Book Group - The Lowdown of a LOUD Sound
The Birthday Suit - A Bigger World
We Were Promised Jetpacks - Circles And Squares
This Silent Forest - Root To The Seed

Cover Lover - ballboy - Born In The USA

Jo Mango - When We Lived In The Crook Of A Tree
Wolves Of Winter - Dream Catchers
Michael Cassidy - Everybody's Scared
Gone Wishing - Decoys
Kobi Onyame - Goodbye World Hello
Young Fathers - Low
Riquelme - To The Country
Lightning Papa Tam - Got Soul
Medals - Sit Back Down, Judas
Sink Alaska - Hitless Wonder
Forest Fires - Foreverlution
Alarm Bells - Hold Down

Tweet-a-track - King Post Kitsch - Fante's Last Stand - As chosen by @majesticben

Squirls - Stuck In A Bog

Re-Mixing It Up - Two Seconds To Midnight - With A Whisper Not A Bang Pt. One (De Rosa Remix)

The Mirror Trap - American Dreams
The Second Hand Marching Band - We Will Convince You
Frightened Rabbit - Holy

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  1. Thanks very much for playing our new song!

    D. (Alarm Bells)