Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Album Review - Monoganon - Family

Family is the second album from Glasgow based Monoganon which picks up where début Songs To Swim To left off adding even more layers to the band’s already dense soundscapes.

Opener Quick Crescent Moon flows by almost ambient in places before Wasted Teens sunburst guitar line parts the clouds taking us through sampled birdsong and lo-fi vocals.  The song, like a lot of the album has an almost Krautrock feel veering towards the experimental feel of early Kraftwerk (in the live instrument days) and Neu’s more ambient tracks.

Easterhouse continues that theme before Best Pals with its sampled laughter and near psychedelic feel shakes you up.  Arc Of The Tuna Fish and All You Need To Know Is are Pavement-esque in a very good way.  Closing trio Car Coming Home, Bean A Daughter and Ivory & Tusk impress with their mix of '90’s US Alternative sound and almost ambient passages

Overall this is an excellent album full of intrigue and one that will reward with repeat listens.  If you’re a fan of the styles and sound mentioned above (and they are only the tip of the iceberg) then there is plenty here for you.

- David McElroy

Monoganon - Family is out now on Lost Map Records and can be purchased on CD/Vinyl via Lost Maps records or in good record shops.  Downloads available via iTunes.

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  1. Amazing and so inspirational. Tears are in my eyes thinking of these true heroes.Thank you, for sharing your experience in making this amazing series.
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