Thursday, 2 January 2014

Scottish Fiction Podcast - 1st January 2014 - Top 20 Scottish Albums of 2013

End of year obligatory list time!  The difference this year is that we announced our top 20 Scottish albums in a countdown broadcast on Pulse 98.4 on New Year's Day.  This episode consists of a track from each of our favourite albums of 2013, in a mega dramatic countdown, that could only be spoiled by knowing the playlist in advance... D'oh! 

Reverieme - Sorry Or Something - From the album With Up So Floating
Camera Obscura - Do It Again - From the album Desire Lines
Boards Of Canada - Nothing Is Real - From the album Tomorrow's Harvest
Quickbeam - Grace - From the album Quickbeam
Friends In America - Gaffe - From the album What It Is To Be
Kid Canaveral - Breaking Up Is The New Getting Married - From the album Now You Are A Dancer
Blood Relatives - Deerheart - From the album Deerheart
Hector Bizerk - Welcome To Nowhere - From the album Nobody Seen Nothing
RM Hubbert - Bolt - From the album Breaks & Bones
Kevin Harper - Kingdom Of Wires - From the album Kingdom Of Wires
The Spook School - The Cameraman - From the album Dress Up
Fat Goth - Debbie's Dirty Harry - From the album Stud
Sparrow And The Workshop - The Faster You Spin - From the album Murderopolis
Conquering Animal Sound - Warn Me - From the album On Floating Bodies
There Will Be Fireworks - River - From the album The Dark, Dark Bright
Rick Redbeard - No Selfish Heart - From the album No Selfish Heart
Algernon Doll - Cassini - From the album Citalo-pop
Adam Stafford - Please - From the album Imaginary Walls Collapse
CHVRCHES - Gun - From the album The Bones Of What You Believe
Frightened Rabbit - Backyard Skulls - From the album Pedestrian Verse

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