Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Owl John - Hate Music

rightened Rabbit lead singer Scott Hutchison, is a busy man so it seems.  Not content with last year's smash Frabbit album Pedestrian Verse he is gearing up for a solo album release later this year.  The project, named Owl John, takes Hutchison down a corridor marked WILD WEST.  Hate Music, quite aptly named, is the first bit at the cherry for fans.  The vocals are instantly recognisable, but amidst the dark, dusty and stompy guitars and drums there'd be no other way of pairing this up with Frightened Rabbit.

Hate Music is an interesting track, but I'll not be alone in waiting for more from Owl John, before judging where it sits within the fabled Frabbit stable.  For now though, pull those cowboy boots on and pour another bourbon.

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