Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Scottish Fiction Podcast - 28th May 2014

Free from the hell that is college graded unit work, Scottish Fiction is back with another hour of freshly squeezed new Scottish music.  With enough variety to tantalize all tastes, there's full blown grunge from Algernon Doll, along with chat about Radio 1's Big Weekend, dark electro pop by way of Eilidh Hadden and Atom Tree, and a blistering track off the new Broken Records album.  Grab a glass and pour, it's Scottish Fiction your one stop shop for the best new Scottish music.

Kid Canaveral - Skeleton
Now Wakes The Sea - Original Bone
Eilidh Hadden - Close To Home
Atom Tree - See The Light
The Dirty Lies - Shallow Grave
Collar Up - I Wanted To Hurt You
The Phantom Band - The Wind That Cried The World
So Many Animal Calls - Stories
Great Cop - Vacancy
Deathcats - Danny Dyer
Algernon Doll - Suicide
Chris Devotion & The Expectations - Don't You Call On Me
Broken Records - Winterless Son
Matt Norris & The Moon - The Anchor

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