Monday, 20 April 2015

That's My Jam #59 - Adam Stafford - Atheist Money

Returning with his first new material since the immense Imaginary Walls Collapse  album, released two years back via Song, By Toad Records, Adam Stafford's new track Atheist Money  hits all the right spots.

Hiccuping guitars create the jagged texture, beneath smooth landscaped melodies which are utterly sublime, which intelligent and gentle vocals complete the package.  Never one to shirk expanding beyond the norm, Stafford doesn't overload the track with loops or samples, but continues to defy the limits of what one man can do with music.

This track is a precursor to a new album, penciled in for an October release, called Taser Revalations,  and it will be out on 1st May.  Welcome back Adam Stafford!

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