Saturday, 11 April 2015

Single Review - C Duncan - Here To There

Here To There is the latest offering on Fatcat Records from Glasgow songwriter C Duncan which blends his now signature scene scape of transcendental and ethereal folk music.  His classical background forms the foundation on which he layers vocal harmonies and melodies which have both a folk root, and suggest an operatic undercurrent.

There is undoubtedly a travelling theme to some of his recent creations and he himself has admitted, “The sea comes up a lot” in his compositions.  However, with the chopping, reverberating guitar and the syncopated drum rhythm, the suggestion is more towards a train journey; soothing and rhythmically meditative - “Take the train from here to there” - onward in a straight line.

C Duncan has a unique skill, his songs are born of melodies and harmonies, and he paints his narrative from a visual artist's perspective.  His songs are uniquely fresh and inhabit a slot in the Glasgow music scene which is much the richer for his presence.  This is a rather perfect song and the line “Something tells me we’ve been here before, it’s so familiar” although descriptive and relevant to the journey we are on, is, however, unreflective of the composition.  Go seek it out.

- Bobby Motherwell

C Duncan - Here To There is out on April 27th via Fatcat Records and is available to pre-order on digital download here.

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