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Scottish Fiction Radio Show - 18th June 2015

Oh my lordy lord, what an evening was had on Wednesday at the fourth annual SAY Awards ceremony.  Despite the humiliation in revealing my new hairdo to the world - yes I did manage to shave a chunk out the front of my hair - it was a truly spectacular evening thanks to fantastic performances from Tuff Love, Golden Teacher, and Loki and the Kartel, some on-from DJing from the TYCI crew at the after party, and the small matter of Kathryn Joseph winning the award!

In this week's show all that is covered, plus some more tracks from our recent Almost Scottish Fiction Vol. 3 EP.  Catholic Action are added to the Scottish Fiction Playlist, and there's room from new ones from Martha Ffion, Halfrican, Fiona Soe Paing, Siobhan Wilson and more. 

Tuff Love - Groucho
Martha Ffion - No Applause
Wendell Borton - The Worst
Halfrican - Down To Fuck
SHARPTOOTH - Queen of Scots
AROUND THE ROUND - Waxahatchee - Under A Rock
Washed - One To Five
Broken Boy - Just To Leave You
Kathryn Joseph - the bird
Siobhan Wilson - Terrible Woman
Bella and the Bear - Leave It Out
The Great Albatross - Righteous Man
FROM THE VAULTS - Fake Major - We're The Same (Live in Pulse 98.4 Studio)
Rachel Sermanni - Tractor
C Duncan - Garden
PLAYLIST - Machines in Heaven - Displacer
PLAYLIST - Catholic Action - The Real World
Eyes of Others - Binary World
Miaoux Miaoux - Luxury Discovery
Shards - Just To Get Something Started
Kobi Onyame - Imminence (Only Matter Of Time O)
Naked - Bubble
Golden Teacher - Double Bump
Loki with Becca Wallace - G.I.M.P.
RE-MIXING IT UP - Outblinker - BLUE (Antoni Maiovvi Remix)
Fiona Soe Paing - Heartbeat

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