Thursday, 22 August 2013

That's My Jam #22 - Mast - Romance

Scenes and musical movements come and go.  Beneath the popular media coverage, which can come and go, it's the musicians on the ground level who really show you the strength of what is happening.  And when one takes at a look at the output of electronica, electro-pop and math-rock music coming out of Scotland right now, it's impossible to reach any other conclusion than that there is a real buzz about things right now.

It's early doors of course, but the next name to watch out for in amidst the likes of Giant Fang, Prides, CHRVCHES, Machines In Heavn, Atom Tree and Miaoux Miaoux is ex-Darien Adventurer Liam Rutherford.  Making music under the moniker of Mast, his debut offering 'Romance' is how the French would say, incoyable.

Layered slices of shimmering synths, calculated drums and vocal melodies, with a chorus that draws you back into the heatwave summer that's now past.  There's a lot of similarities here to Giant Fang and Prides, the latter down to the production of Prides drummer Lewis on this track.

Get it in your ears over and over again.  Let's have more of this please, and at least musically the summer doesn't have to end.

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