Sunday, 5 June 2011

West End Festival Sunday

Today is the West End Festival Sunday, a free event held in Kelvingrove Park. There is plenty to do and see, and the famous Mardi Gras parade snakes it's way through the park. There's plenty of live music as well, with bands spread across 6 stages in the park and beyond. Here's a rundown of what you can see:

The Main Stage
12.30pm     Sunshine Social
1.30pm       Man at the Window
2.30pm       Brooksy and the Sound Collectors
3.30pm       Captain Slackship's Mezzanine Allstars 
4.30pm       Domino Gumbo
5.30pm       Das Contras
6.30pm       Esperanza

The Vintage Guru Stage

12pm          Punto the Feef
12.35pm     Little Buddha
1.10pm       The Coy Dogs
1.45pm       Toni Etherson
2.20pm       Baudelaire
2.55pm       Underclass
3.30pm       Selective Service
4.05pm       UKreign
5.00pm      Strawberry Ocean Sea
5.35pm      Gav Livs
6.10pm      The Imagineers

Lord Kelvin Acousitc Stage 

1.15pm       Cairn String Quartet 
2.15pm       Puff Uproar & The Shimmering Sound Affair 
3.00pm       Parade Passes
4.00pm       Clanadonia 
4.30pm       Eletricat
5.00pm       Puff Uproar & The Shimmering Sound Affair 
5.30pm       Juba de Leao and Samba Ya Bamba  

Rio Cafe Stage 

1pm - 6pm   Mark Robb  -  DJ sets

Kelvingrove Art Gallery 

1pm           Clanadonia
4pm           Glasgow Fiddle Workshop Ceilidh
5.30pm       Kings of Macumba 

Hear Glasgow Stage 

1pm          Samba Band
1.15pm      Switchback Road
1.45           Pedantics
2.10pm      Laura Divers
2.30pm      Wake the President
3.00pm      Ironic
3.45pm      Woodenbox and Fistful of Fivers
4.30pm      Ryan McDowall
4.45pm      The Dirty Demographic
5.10pm      Miniature Dinosaurs
5.35pm      A Band Called Quinn
6.05pm     Kitty the Lion

Check out the full listings at the West End Festival website.

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