Sunday, 5 June 2011

They're Taking The Hobbits To Isengard

The fact that the highlight of my Sunday spent in Kelvingrove Park for the West End Festival was seeing Billy Boyd, a.k.a. Pippin, in no way reflects on the quality of the music on show. It's just I am a huge LOTR geek, and also needed a link to post the above video.

I could have down with some help getting through the parade, which snaked it's way down Kelvin Way dragons and all. Impressive though it was, the gathering crowds meant I missed the start of Woodenbox With A Fistful Of Fivers, who were playing on the Hear Glasgow Stage. That the stage was parked right in front of a skatepark, was certainly a new for me, and invoked memories of a Sum 41 video. It also meant the crowd who did want to see the acts on stage risked being slammed by 10 year old boys falling off their skateboards (yes, it was funny each time) or retreating back beyond the park.

The music from Woodenbox, was deserving of a better stage to hear it. Everyone Has A Price with it's sax intro, is typical of Woodenbox's jangly sound. Somewhat like The Coral, with a Scottish accent. Lead singer Ali Downer must not have felt the wind chill with those Gaz Comb-esqe mutton chops. Hang The Noose really got the party started, and even the skaters, who by Downer's own admission would have prefered Dr Dre must have felt their foot a-tappin'. Draw A Line continued the set, and they closed with a sax/trumpet led jam. The only complaint is that they couldn't have played for longer!

Taking advantage of the gaps between bands, I sauntered off to buy an ice-cream. Bad move, it was cold and I started shivering.

Luckily, the next band on stage, The Dirty Demographic, brought out such dance inspired music, that I soon warmed up. Ok, I didn't actually start dancing, but the thought was there. Despite the name, there was nothing dirty about The Dirty Demographic. Their music was pleasant, upbeat, '60's inspired pop. Two standout tracks for me where Porn and Lucky. Throughout the full set front two Angus and Stefanie had an infectious happy stage presence, this is one band who deserved the sun.

Sadly, the clouds persisted and the wind kept blowing. However, I stuck it out, for a band I have wanted to see for a while, Stirling's own Miniature Dinosaurs. In town for Electric Honey's showcase gig in Oran Mor last night, they played a blinder on the Hear Glasogw Stage. Indie/art rockers from the moment you clap eyes on them, they kicked off with Turn It On, a ska/reggae infused track. Again the location hampered the crowd, and they certainly were deserving of a bigger audience. Cold Shoulder had a Talking Head's feel to it, and set closer and highlight Fight Or Flight has tinges of The Futureheads. After the set, I picked up a copy of the song on their split 7" with Wake The President. And two free badges. Woooo!

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