Wednesday, 1 June 2011

King Tuts Summer Nights 2011 Album

Fancy some free music? Of course you do you racy devils!

To celebrate the forthcoming Summer Nights which runs from 14th July to 28th July, King Tut's are offering a free download of an album featuring tracks from artists performing during Summer Nights.

Here's how the tracklisting looks:

1. Sonny Marvello - Pull Me Up
2. JumpersKnee - Letter To The Sun
3. Bwani Junction - Middle Meadow
4. Aerials Up - All Your Mothers Daughters
5. Fatherson - Gone Fission 
6. Bronto Skylift - Wolf
7. Song Of Return - Trajectory
8. Dead Sea Souls - My Problem
9. Davey Horne - Last Train Home
10. Meursault - Crank Resolutions
11. The Seventeenth Century - Banks Of Home

You can download this lovely little collection of songs and also see who is playing Summer Nights here.

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