Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Mixing It Up

Those of you who make a point of listening to my regular Scottish Fiction show on Pulse Community Radio will have heard me introduce a brand new feature called 'Mixing It Up'.

Pulse is home to an array of talented presenters and different shows, and to celebrate this fact each presenter is playing a song chosen by another presenter elsewhere on the station.

So on last Monday's show I had the pleasure of playing a song chosen by Rory Belshaw who presents a show called 'Music: Electronic' which airs every Thursday 9pm - 10pm and specialises in harder, electronically produced music including dubstep, techno and drum & bass.

The song chosen was by a DJ called Feed Me, and the track is called Cott's Face. Have a swatch at this rather scary video below. (Make sure there are no young children about who might be scarred for life because of the scary face!)

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