Thursday, 6 October 2011

Save BBC Introducing in Scotland

As part of cost cutting measures at the BBC, the below statement represents what is being proposed for the highly successful and extremely popular BBC Introducing in Scotland with Ally McCrae.

"Replace the current late night Nations’ opt-out programmes on Radio 1 with a single programme that would offer a uk-wide platform for undiscovered, unsigned music and emerging talent from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland"

The BBC Introducing shows are a vital part of showcasing the best of new music from each individual area of the UK. In paying particular attention to my own area, Scotland, every band, singer, and artist to have had any degree of success, both artistic or commercial, over the last few years owe a degree of that success to BBC Introducing In Scotland. Championed passionately by Ally McCrae, and before him Vic Galloway, it provides a platform for Scottish artists to gain radio play on our national radio station, which in turn leads to distribution across the UK, other DJ's picking them up, live shows, and even record deals. But more importantly it's a show where the only thing that matters is the music. Do us a favour BBC manangement, don't deprive communities, big and small, of culture and entertainment. If the proposed merger goes ahead, then there is less of a chance of music north of the border being heard. And that is criminal, because there is already far too much great music being produced to be ignored.

There are a number of ways to make your voice heard in opposition to this move.

Firstly sign the online petition here.
Secondly join the Facebook page here.
And thirdly, and most importantly, tell the BBC directly what you think here.

It is HUGELY important that everyone who values music, creativity, originality, hell I'll say it even freedom, takes a few minutes to make their voice heard.

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