Tuesday, 4 October 2011

iPhone Music Apps

Smart phones have taken such a grip over our lives in the last five years. And with the affordability of such devices coming right down an iPhone, Blackberry or such like is more like an accessory these days. Offering so much more than phone calls, it's testament to the power of these devices that even this post has been wrote and published using the 'blogger' app on my iPhone.

Which leads me to the point, what are the best apps available for music fans, and what benefits will try provide you. Here's my rundown on which apps you should have on your iPhone.

Soundcloud - Available to download for free and free to set up an account, it has an easy to use interface letting you search for artists pages and stream the content. As with the website you can follow people meaning they will be easy to find in future. And if you're partial to uploading your own material you can do so via this app as well. (Make sure you follow my account , wilsonnj, to hear all the past episodes of my Scottish Fiction radio show)

Bandcamper - Available to download for free and simple to use. Search for an artist using the search function, save favourites to allow you to easily return to the with the favourites function, and if your feeling lucky browse through using either top sellers, genre or location. You can then listen to tracks hosted on the artists page for free. Great stuff! (Feel free to add my page 'Scottish Fiction' to your favourites to get access to my monthly EP's)

TuneIn Radio - Perhaps you'd rather listen to the radio during your daily commute. Well the TuneIn Radio app is for you! Free to download it let's you sear h for stations easily giving you a choice of different genres and also using your location to offer local stations. Again favourites can be saved to the presets tab. (Make sure you save Pulse Community Radio to your favourites and tune in every Monday at 9pm for my show)

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