Sunday, 11 December 2011

EP Review - We're Only Afraid Of NYC - zero.four

Wooft! We're Only Afraid Of NYC sure know how to pack a punch. Their fourth EP 'zero.four' was made available to download for free on Friday 9th December and it's a cracker.

Opener 'Walls' is a track that had been about for a while, yet loses none of it's intensity and power, 'We Lived Here' slides off in a different direction at times, with parts of the track showing some restraint, and others experimenting with just how much noise the Glaswegian three piece can make.

The band have gathered a rather ample following which is no big surprise given the increasing quality of each consecutive output. Third track 'Matter' is a softer affair, almost like an interlude between 'We Lived Here' and forth track 'Y+M' which is awe staggeringly good.

The EP closes with 'Seeds' and 'Mirrorball', the former brooding with meloncholy, the latter a gentle affair, softly closing the lid on an all round sterling effort.

You can download 'zero.four' on the band's bandcamp for nowt, and their previous three offering are all there too. Go on, fill yer boots.

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