Friday, 16 December 2011

Scottish Fiction Shelter Christmas EP

A very merry Christmas one and all!

It's that special time of year, where amidst all the jam pies (we don't like mince pies here at Scottish Fiction), eggnog, tinsel and obligatory Cliff Richards songs it's very important to remember that Christmas a time for goodwill to all men.

Shelter are a charity who do an incredible amount of work, helping those who are unfortunate to be homeless at this time of year, and throughout the other 364 days of the year.  And you can do your bit to help too.

This month for the monthly Scottish Fiction EP we are asking for a minimum of £2 to download some fantastic seasonal music from a wide variety of talented Scottish musicians. £2 is not a lot to pay for seven tracks, but it will go a long way to helping Shelter continue their great work over Christmas and beyond. (Please note £2 is the minimum donation. By all means donate more should you wish to. Bandcamp let's you choose how much to pay.)

You can download the full EP here. Please also feel free to share this with as many people as possible.

So without further ado, let me introduce to you the participants in this month's EP:

Lonely And Lola - Cute pop influenced music with ear splittingly catchy harmonies, this duo take the essence of the '60's and twist it into a modern sound to behold. Lauren Reilly displays bewitching vocals on their take of 'Santa Claus Is Coming To Town'.

Ed Muirhead - Ed is a man who takes great enjoyment in crafting his simple, honest, brand of folk infused music. Also running Tattie Records, Ed's hardwork and DIY ethos is conducive to producing music that warms the cockles. Here Ed has reworked a 150 year old Christmas carol, 'Midnight Clear'.

The Spook School - I love The Spook School. So much so I have dreams of them bursting out a giant present under my tree on Christmas morning. I've posted lots about the C86 twee coated alternative rock before so you really should just read that. Their track 'Bah Humbug!' is as good as anything they have ever done, but with bells!

Linzi Murphy - With her traditional Scottish folk style Linzi has drawn much critical acclaim amongst the traditional and folk music scene. And rightly so, her stripped back version of the classic 'Silent Night' showcases her vocal talent and natural guitar playing extremely well.

Evil Hand - Evil Hand, a.k.a. Derek Bates, has an incredible knack of producing music which is both pays homage to the ever popular alt-folk sound and experiments with ambient electronica aspects. His album 'Huldra' was one of this year's highlights and it's a pleasure to have his track 'Around The Tree' on the EP.

The Dirty Demographic - Unashamedly catchy pop, that brings new meaning to the phrase, 'all that glitters is gold'. The Dirty Demographic are all about having fun, and making music to dance like a drunk student to. Their track

Lovers Turn To Monsters - A.k.a. Kyle Wood. A very talented individual who has the work rate of a honey bee. A honey bee that makes lo-fi emotional music. He enlisted the help of producer and multi instrumentalist Walker Smith Jr. for their track 'Snowflake Frustration'.

So there you have it folks. Seven songs all yours for only £2 (download here). And that warm fuzzy feeling that comes from doing a good deed. Plus once on the Scottish Fiction Bandcamp page you can fill your boots with previous month's EPs which are absolutely free!

A huge thanks from me to all of you for your support to the blog and for purchasing this EP. A massive thanks to each and every one of the above artists who have donated their time and music offerings for free, whilst the main thing is to raise money for Shelter, it's also a big plus to be able to share such great music with you. Be sure to show them support and check out more of their material via the links provided. And also a big thanks to Andrew Wilson for his artwork (below) which I've tweeked slightly to give a rather amatuerish festive feel to.

Please feel free to stream the album below, but please please please download it and help us give Shelter a nice sum of money.

Thanks. Oh and merry Christmas!

Please note that due to the way Bandcamp works your £2 will go into my Paypal account, and will show on your statements as a payment to 'Neil Wilson'. I don't have anyway around this unfortunately, and whilst I hope I'm trustworthy enough to not have to, I'll happily provide sales details along with the final amount passed to Shelter. Let me be extremely clear, ALL proceeds from this EP will go to Shelter. Thanks again.

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