Friday, 23 December 2011

Gig Review - Shambles Miller @ George Square for Hear Glasgow Loves Christmas

Ok so it wasn't ALL about Shambles Miller down at George Square on Thursday 15th December but through time and circumstances that what it was all about for me. Playing a free set as part of the wider Hear Glasgow Loves Christmas concerts Scottish Fiction's favourite Glaswegian folk singer (actually maybe just our favourite Glaswegian) was a perfect tonic for what proved to be a rather chilly evening.

Huddled away inside the tent in the midst of fairground rides, Christmas trees, baby Jesus, ice skating and the famous Christmas lights, Shambles followed Selective Service and was rousingly introduced by 'the voice of new Scottish music' himself Jim Gellatly.

Personally I always like to introduce myself to strangers with a list of things they should avoid doing so as not to fall foul of my hulk like rage, and Shambles it seems is the same. Set opener 'Things That Make Me Angry' played out to, at this stage, a very sparse crowd, and evoked some wry smiles from people in the seating area. What I loved about Shambles set is that he is very much the showman, and his charm is magnetic, so even those who were sat enjoying a hot dog and a beer became enthralled in the following numbers.

By the time Shambles played 'Rapture' (*shameless plug alert* available for free on the Scottish Fiction Sep EP) a healthy crowd of passers by had been stopped in their tracks by the witty lyrics of Shambles music, either that or his nice boxers. A cover of Jona Lewie's 'Stop The Cavalry' was enough to warm the bunions on the coldest of feet.

Indeed when it came to last song 'Alice's Song' it was an end brought on too soon. One can certainly hope that Shambles sturdy flyer (I hope he got it back) and the infectious charm of his music is enough to bring more to his party.

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