Saturday, 18 February 2012

Beats And Eats - Fiction Faction

Another week another picture of my dinner table.  Oh and some nice looking food on top of it!  Yup, it's the feature with the best name back for another round of cookery delights.  This week's Beats And Eats recipe comes corteosy of David Richards from Fiction Faction via (of course) The Pop Cop's Scottish Musician's Cookbook

When I started doing this whole malerky, this was the dish I was most looking forward to.  Honest, cheap, healthy and hearty food.  A dish with a Scottish feel throughout it.  And kicking matters off, I threw on Fiction Faction's track 'Malenky Lizards' from their EP of the same name enjoying the wholesome sound of it's punchy sound.  There's a whiff of The Smiths in the guitar playing, but lead singer David's vocals are much deeper.  It's a solid song, which does what it says on the tin, if the tin says 'Staple Indie Rock Song'.

The smell of the ham hough, which had been boiling for the previous three hours was bliss.  Lovely and smokey, mmmmm!  I stripped the meat of the bone, and set aside, along with some pre-chopped syboes.  In when the potatoes to some boiler water, and let them simmer away until soft enough to serve.  As the whiting would only take a few minutes to cook, I listened to next track 'A Lot Can Happen On A Summer's Day', which in my opinion is a stronger track.  Audibly more interesting, there's a lot going on, with clashing guitars and frantic drumming.  The vocals on this song have a lot more power behind them, demanding the attention of the ear.

With the potatoes ready, I decant (can you decant potatoes, I'm not sure) into a seperate bowl and stir in the syboes and ham hough.  It's now a quick and delicate manoevure to pan fry the whiting in a little olive oil.  A minute on each side, as per instructed and onto the potato mixture.  To finish a quick butter and lemon sauce is made in with the juices from the fish.  A bit of seasoning, salt, pepper, and lemon thyme, and Bob's your uncle!

Tasting Notes

The 'Malenky Lizards' EP has a Miaoux Miaoux remix of the track 'Apparitions', which is quite spectacular.  But as this is a Fiction Faction extravaganza, soundtracking our eating experience was the original track.  Full of energy, the track surges with an electrical pulse, the guitars creating this techno futuristic feel about the track.  I like it.  And I like this dish too.  As David says in the recipe, whiting doesn't get used enough.  It's a great white fish, very delicate and doesn't over power the other elements of the dish.  In my best masterchef impression, everything on the plate works well together, combining in my favourite dish so far!

5/5 syboes for this one!

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