Sunday, 19 February 2012

Single/EP Review - So Many Animal Calls - Traps

'Eulogy' was one of my favourite EP's from last year, so I was delighted when So Many Animal Calls announced their signing to Overlook Records and the imminent release of new single 'Traps'.  It was released officially on Monday 13th February, and the video has been making the rounds as well.

The first compliment that I can give this song is that my 5 year old daughter loves it, getting all 'rock and roll', as she puts it, when it comes on.  She even knows the words.  So when writing this review I asked her opinion, she simply put two thumbs up.  Good show lads!

I mentioned on my radio show a few weeks ago, that with the demise of The Dykeenies, there were plenty of bands with the 'fail pop' sound waiting in the wings.  So Many Animal Calls are at the forefront of the group, and with the feisty and urgent vibe of 'Traps' they are well placed to fill the void left. 

Musically, 'Traps' is like a shot of adrenaline straight to the bloodstream, edgy and sharp guitars overlap with a bass line that exudes funk.  Lead singer Sean McKenna's vocals are confident and betray the bands young age.  And like so many bands emerging from Scotland, there's almost a sense of pride in the Scottish accent.

B-Side 'The Best Way To Be Broken' is a much more reversed affair, McKenna's vocals dulled to match a sombre mood, and strung out over a melodic piano.  It's a four minute track with essentially a three minute building intro culminating in a wonderfully layered ending, combining vocals, guitars, piano and drums.  Excellent work.

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