Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Scottish Fiction's Words With Friends Cup

As The Bee Gees once said, 'it's only words'.  But when you have Words With Friends, then it becomes a competition.  And that's when things get interesting!

Scottish Fiction proudly presents the first Words With Friends Cup.  Over the month of March, eight Scottish musicians and bloggers will be pitting their wits and way with words against each other in a knock out competition to be crowned the WWF Champion!  (Let's hope no giant panda's tries to sue us over the name!)

The format is simple.  Our 8 contestants have been drawn against each other in round 1.  The winners will progress to the semi-finals, and we will whittle those four down to two, and then our winner will emerge.  Each game lasts one week, if there's no outright winner, who ever leads at the end of the week will win.

Here's our contestants:

Shambles Miller
Carlo Acosta from The King Hats
Steve McGillivray writer for Muso's Guide & Glasgow Podcart
Brian Pokora from Trapped Mice / Loch Awe
Dave Wark from Plastic Animals
Robert Canavan from Campfires In Winter
Stu Lewis blogger behind The Tidal Wave Of Indifference
Stewart Allan from Black International

And here is how the draw has panned out:

Round 1                                   Semi Finals                                   Final

Game A
                                                Game E
Shambles Miller                                                                           
vs                                             Winner of Game A
Carlo Acosta

Game B                                    vs                                                Winner of Game E

Steve McGillivray
vs                                             Winner of Game B
Brian Pokora

Game C                                                                                       vs                                    Champion!
                                                Game F
Dave Wark
vs                                             Winner of Game C
Robert Canavan

Game D                                    vs                                                 Winner of Game F

Stu Lewis
vs                                             Winner of Game D
Stewart Allan

I'll be keeping you bang up to date with some cutting and insightful commentary, and providing you with a nice profile of each of our contestants.  You can keep up to date with the whole affair on the blog, on our Facebook page and via Twitter with hashtag #WWFCup.  And I'm sure those who are winning will be none to shy about broadcasting it!

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