Saturday, 13 October 2012

Battle Of The Bands - Round 7

It's my favourite thing to do on the Scottish Fiction blog... beating Kowalskiy in our fortnightly duel Battle Of The Bands!  It's not always such a forgone conclusion though, and in the words of The Rolling Stones, "you can't always get what you want".  So with things tipped slightly in David's favour following his victory in Round 6, we marched on confidently to try and bring things back to an even keel.

And what better way to do it than bringing on board, the bearded battalion, something to put some fire in the Scottish Fiction camp, the creme de la Croy (sorry David had to steal that pun!)...  Campfires In Winter.

Just look at those stats.  With an array like that it should be impossible to lose!  As David had first dibs last time out, it's my turn to choose the categories.  If you didn't follow events on Twitter, then let me guide you through proceedings, blow by blow.  Before that though, here's David's choice this week; Toy Machene.

Ding!  The bell goes and it's into battle, Top Trumps style.  Given that the Campfires lads have been musical pals now for 8 years, I pulled out the strongest stat first, going for Years Since Formation.  With a mighty 8 to Toy Machene's 2, it was 1-0 to Scottish Fiction.

The second point in a best of three game is crucial, so given lead singer Boab's penchant for tweeting, I went with Twitter Follow Ratio as my next pick.  Campfires In Winter boasted a healthy 1.36 over Toy Machene's meagre 0.32.  2-0 Scottish Fiction, and game to me.

But why leave it at that.  Why not rub the salt right in the wounds?  After all, all's fair in love and Top Trumps!  So for the final pick, I plumped for Band Name Scrabble Score, and as I'm sure you can tell from the bandcards above, 29 pips 20, meaning a full 3-0 victory for Scottish Fiction and Campfires In Winter.

Of course, you all know that my gloating is superficial, and that as always it's all about the bands.  David and I will be back in a fortnight's time with our silly rivalry and a fresh set of Scottish artists to battle it out for Round 8.  Until then I leave you with this week's competitors.

Toy Machene were an unknown entity until David unveiled them as his choice this week.  The three piece from Edinburgh make fun indie pop music, and have a début album 'Welcome To Toyland' out now.

I'm big fans of Campfires In Winter, and having now met the lads on numerous occasion can confirm they are lovely chaps to boot.  There's promises of new material soon, which is great news as their alt-indie sound is brawsome.  Check out their most recent set of demo's on Bandcamp.

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