Monday, 8 October 2012

Scottish Fiction Olive Grove EP

Wipe away those tears, as even though we have reached the last Scottish Fiction EP (at least for the time being) it's a helluva way to end.  This year we've been loving all things Olive Grove Records, from The Son(s) EP 'Leviathan', to The State Broadcasters album 'Ghosts We Must Carry', to Jo Mango's recent single Cordelia and the forthcoming album 'Murmuration'.

We've had a whale of a time with the roster live in the studio; Adam from Randolph's Leap joined us first, followed by Graeme and Gill from The State Broadcasters, and then label moguls Lloyd and Halina.

So it is with extreme pleasure that I present to you the Scottish Fiction Olive Grove EP.  Included on this EP is a track called 'Radar' by The Son(s), an exclusive remix from Jo Mango called 'Cordelia (Choral Version), a classic track, 'Counting Sheep' from Randolph's Leap, and lastly a live version of 'Takeshi' performed by Graeme and Gill of The State Broadcasters, taken from the Scottish Fiction Session on Pulse 98.4 FM.  Below are links for our Q&A with each artist, and also a stream/download of the full EP.  Enjoy!

The Son(s)
Jo Mango
Randolph's Leap
The State Broadcasters

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