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We're Only Here For The Banter - TeenCanteen

It's no secret that I love female vocals, see Rachel Sermanni, Amber Wilson, Julia And The Doogans, so TeenCanteen, an all female four piece band from Glasgow (and beyond) are right up my street.  They have got a wonderful '60's surf pop vibe, with great vocal melodies.  Their live set at Doune The Rabbit Hole was a highlight of the festival for me, and the track 'How We Met (Cherry Pie)' is one of my favourites of 2012.  We caught up with Carla from the band for some Q&A.

Hello, how are you?

Happy and thank you for asking.

It's the question everyone hates, but could you tell us a little bit about your music and your influences?

We make pop music with 4 part girl harmonies.  It's a little bit DIY, sometimes very sad and sometimes very happy.  We've had some people say we are twee and some people say we are girl-punk.  I like to think we fall somewhere in between.  I'm influenced by the girl group sound (1957-63) and my favourites are The Cookies and The Chantels but we all like different music and it all feeds in.

What's your song writing process like?

All the songs start out with just me and my keyboard and are usually musical reactions to something I've done or seen.  I record a video of me playing the song and then email it to the other girls.  They then come up with their harmonies and parts and then we all come together in the rehearsal studio and put it all together.

What could we expect to see from a live show?

We love playing live.  Sometimes Eugene Kelly plays guitar with us and sometimes Duglas T. Stewart sings with us.  We never know what's going to happen which makes it fun!  I wouldn't know what to tell people to expect as we've only been playing live for 5 months so I don't really know what to expect myself.  But that's what makes it exciting.

If it were all to end tomorrow, what would you say has been your greatest achievement?

If it ended tomorrow then we could say that over the last five months we have met some amazing people and enjoyed developing the band to what we are at the moment.  Our greatest achievement hasn't happened yet. We're anticipating it.

What have you got planned for the rest of 2012 and into the new year?

We have our gig at The Poetry Club in Glasgow with Stevie Jackson supporting us on October 27th -  Then we'll go back to the recording studio. We've just written a Christmas song with Eugene that we are performing at the Queens Hall in Edinburgh in December with a few shows lined up prior to it.  We're just going to keep writing and recording and playing live.

At Scottish Fiction we focus on new Scottish music, how do you as a band view the Scottish music community?

Helpful, supportive, enthusiastic, endearing and charming.  It's really quite wonderful to be able to work with people you have grown up listening to.

What other Scottish artists would you recommend to the Scottish Fiction readers?

We love BMX Bandits and are so excited about their new album 'BMX Bandits in Space' coming out!  I also think that Sacred Paws are excellent and would love to play a gig with them.  I managed to catch them at Doune The Rabbit Hole and thought they were one of the best new live bands I had seen in years.

Thanks for speaking with us, would you care to share a joke with us?

How about a video?  Here is Duglas singing our song Fireworks to a puppet:

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